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Melania slammed with historic mockery after sharing her clueless “Farewell Message”

Melania slammed with historic mockery after sharing her clueless “Farewell Message”

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Somehow and admittedly just barely the United States has managed to survive four years of the Trump presidency. The nation is humiliated, weakened, disease-stricken, and hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans are dead thanks to Donald Trump’s incompetency, but our democracy will outlast the tenure of the worst president in its history.

The MAGA movement tried in vain to overthrow a fair election, urged on to insurrection by Trump himself, but our institutions weathered the onslaught, those responsible are being charged for their crimes, and in just two days Biden will enter the White House. Our long national nightmare is finally coming to an end and the long journey to repairing the historic damage inflicted on our Republic is just beginning.

The departure of President Trump also brings the departure of First Lady Melania Trump from our national discourse as she can be expected to do just as little after her husband’s presidency ends as she did during it. Not once has she demonstrated even one iota of interest in using her platform to improve the country, preferring instead to give cheap lip service to fighting cyberbullying while her husband spent every waking hour hurling abuse at people on Twitter.

Melania will be remembered as nothing less than Donald Trump’s worst enabler, the woman who stood by complacently as he inflamed racial animosities, tore apart innocent families at the border, destabilized our alliances, looted our public coffers, botched the federal response to a deadly pandemic, and ultimately attempted to destroy our democracy itself by urging his loyal followers on to acts of violence and sedition. History will show her neither understanding nor compassion for the role she has played.

Seemingly oblivious to the tattered state of her reputation, Melania released a “farewell message” today on Twitter. Clocking in at an indulgent six minutes and fifty-three seconds, the video shows her at a podium doing her best (and hardly convincing) impersonation of a stateswoman. The message was every bit as inane as disingenuous as one would expect, with Melania spewing out a series of boilerplate remarks about how thankful she is for her time in the White House. Unfortunately, America cannot say the same.

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Twitter users were quick to tell the First Lady exactly what they thought of her tepid speech and the results were brutal.

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