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Fox host argues Trump is a hard “worker” because he stays up late watching “every” TV show

Fox host argues Trump is a hard “worker” because he stays up late watching “every” TV show

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Today is President Donald Trump’s last day in office and it feels like the entire world is holding a collective breath, many of us still not quite able to believe that the nightmare of the last four years is finally drawing to a close. Trump himself has been largely silent since Twitter instituted a lifetime ban on his account and while the daily agenda released by the White House insists that he is busy taking “many meetings” and making calls, it’s clear that his administration will end with a whimper rather than a bang.

It’s incredibly telling that robbed of the ability to brag via social media about how much he is doing for the United States, Trump has given up any semblance of even pretending to care about his job. Instead, he’s fuming in the White House, taking meetings with far-right conspiracy theory loons, and presumably spending much of his time planted in front of the television while his staff release cookie-cutter schedules day after day. The man has never cared about this country and now that we’ve rejected him he’s simply coasting along until President-elect Joe Biden takes over.

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The absence of the president in the public discourse hasn’t made the jobs of his media enablers any easier and so they’ve fallen into a kind of holding pattern where they spend much of their time praising him in vague terms and heralding imagined accomplishments. Today, Ainsley Earhardt on Fox News attacked Trump’s critics and insisted that he is a hard worker, conveniently ignoring all of the evidence to the contrary.

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“You know, they’ll criticize President Trump but no one can argue: he is a worker! He doesn’t drink alcohol, he stays up late at night, he watches every show. He’s working. He got to work immediately,” said Earhardt, who apparently thinks that plopping down in front of a TV with a mound of fast food to watch talking heads babble all night long amounts to “work” for the President of the United States. The bar is so low for these people that it’s subterranean. Thankfully, soon all of Donald Trump’s “work” will be on his own time and off the taxpayer dollar.

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