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Senate race loser Kelly Loeffler complains about “cancel culture” in farewell speech

Senate race loser Kelly Loeffler complains about “cancel culture” in farewell speech

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Now that Trump’s sycophantic supporters in Congress are beginning to face even a hint of consequence for enabling Trump and helping to incite the mob siege of Capitol Hill, the political discourse has been dominated by endless right-wing wailing that they are the victims of leftist “cancel culture” for being an accomplice to the biggest threat to our democracy in its history.

Everything bad that happens to a Republican these days is immediately condemned as “cancel culture.” Criticism for hate speech? Cancel culture. Having your book deal revoked for helping incite a mob? Cancel culture.

Facing consequences for publicly disputing the results of a free and fair election? You bet your ass that’s cancel culture.

Outgoing Senator and insider trading criminal Kelly Loeffler, who has never won an election and was appointed by the governor of Georgia to finish out the term of retiring Sen. Johnny Isakson, took to the Senate floor this afternoon for her farewell speech.

In a preposterous display of hypocrisy and pearl-clutching crocodile tears, Loeffler — who is nearly a billionaire — railed against the “elites” with all the charisma of an empty wine bottle thrown in a ditch.

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“The mainstream media and big tech increasingly care only about advancing their political ideology, and protecting only the speech fits into their specific narrative. The double standards, disdain and contempt that elites and institutions of influence have for conservatives is increasingly being revealed. For the sake of our discourse, this cannot continue…I refuse to be intimidated by the cancel culture and its dangerous narratives.” droned the ex-Senator.

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Somehow it’s hard for Kelly to understand how a woman who abused her appointed political position to profit off of the pandemic, condescended to her voters by cosplaying a worker in jeans and a Ford F-150, channeled Jim Crow in her racist attacks on her opponent and who is utterly incapable of effecting any emotion in her voice could lose an election.

Must be all those liberals trying to “cancel” her for being brave enough to take a stand against reality and try to use her Senate position to dispute the legitimate results of the 2020 election.

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