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Watchdog releases a staggering list of Trump’s worst offenses as president on his last full day

Watchdog releases a staggering list of Trump’s worst offenses as president on his last full day

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The Trump years will soon be behind us, a smoking wreckage of idiocy and cruelty receding into the rearview mirror of American history that will nonetheless, unfortunately, define our national sense of self for decades to come.

Yes, we managed to avoid the final fatal crash of electing Donald Trump to a second term — an eventuality which would have almost certainly resulted in the end of our democracy as we know it — but we still made the collective mistake of giving him an entire term in power. The scope and degree of the damage this imbecilic, blackhearted game show host managed to inflict on our Republic might never be fully tabulated.

Now, on his final full day in office, it’s important that we take time to remember the worst atrocities of the Trump administration. It’s not enough to simply move on now that Joe Biden will soon be president. It would be a grave disservice to his victims. Trump and his minions must be held accountable for what they’ve done, from undermining the rule of law to botching the COVID-19 pandemic so badly that over 400,000 Americans have now died from the virus. The first step towards doing that is making sure no misdeed is forgotten.

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To that end, the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) blasted out a blockbuster Twitter thread recounting some of Trump’s absolute worst offenses. Some of them, like his racist Muslim ban, will be remembered by everyone due to the massive news coverage they received but some,  like obtaining foreign trademarks while in office, may have gotten lost in the chaotic shuffle and are worth pointing out again.

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What emerges when reading through this brief and admittedly incomplete registry of Trumpian misdeeds is just how flagrant he has been in his criminality and incompetence. His evil was out in the open from day one — which is not to say that a trove of previously unknown crimes won’t be unearthed by the incoming administration. It’s truly mind-boggling that after all of this there is still a huge part of the country that loves him and is convinced that he is the best president in American history. These people cannot be convinced of reality but luckily they can be outvoted.

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