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It begins: Lindsey Graham demands Biden family probe to “heal the nation”

It begins: Lindsey Graham demands Biden family probe to “heal the nation”

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Now that President Biden has been sworn in and Donald Trump consigned to the dustbin of history you can expect Republicans who remained silent for four years as their leader trashed our democracy and looted our coffers to suddenly find their voices again. Abject cowards who were afraid of calling out Trump’s crimes for fear of alienating his MAGA base will now enthusiastically heap criticisms on Biden, inventing ludicrous scandals and launching volley after volley of half-baked attacks at the man working to undo the damage they themselves enabled.

Proving once again that he is the lowest form of creature employed by our federal government, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has emerged from the broom closet he has been presumably cowering inside for the length of the Trump administration to discover that he is, in fact, capable of speaking out against the president — so long as it’s a Democrat.

During a television appearance today, Graham brought up Hunter Biden, the president’s son who found himself the target of repeated bad faith Republican attacks during the election. Conservative hacks baselessly accused him of a litany of crimes while simultaneously ignoring all of the flagrant abuses of power demonstrated by the Trump children on a daily basis. Clearly, Graham and his reactionary comrades are aiming to reignite the Hunter discourse and manufacture outrage much as they did with the infamously overblown Benghazi hearings in the hopes of derailing Biden’s nascent presidency.

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“If Mike Pence’s son had been accused of doing the things that Hunter Biden did, you wouldn’t be asking me does it hurt my relationship with Vice President Pence to make sure that these things are looked at,” said Graham. “So, no, I like Joe Biden. But what I can’t get over is the fact that there are allegations about Hunter Biden and his brother monetizing the vice presidency and all of the sudden you’re a bad guy if you want to let the process move forward,” he added, conveniently ignoring the fact that the allegations against Hunter have already been aired in the public square and discarded as rubbish.

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“So as to Joe and Jill, Vice President and our First Lady. I like you, I want to work with you,” Graham went on. “But nobody hesitated to send a wrecking ball to the Trump family. So all I can say is if you want to heal the nation, we need to start anew.”

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Unfortunately, despite what Graham claims, a wrecking ball did not hit the Trump family, even as the likes of Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka supported their father’s codified cruelties, blatant grifts, and ultimately his invitation of an insurrection aimed at overthrowing our democracy itself.

This criminal family grew fat off taxpayer dollars, raked in foreign trademark, and eagerly rubbed their hands together as untold sums of dark money poured into their businesses across the globe from foreign parties hoping to gain influence in the White House. Theirs was an agenda of unadulterated corruption and for Graham to suddenly pretend as if he cares that Hunter Biden landed a seat on the board of a Ukrainian energy company that he may have been underqualified for is the height of absurdity. If the Hunter story is the best the Republican Party can muster against the new administration then conservatives are going to find themselves in for a rough four years.

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