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Stephen Miller’s first tweet is a meltdown over Biden undoing all of his evil work

Stephen Miller’s first tweet is a meltdown over Biden undoing all of his evil work

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Within hours of President Joe Biden being inaugurated, the architect of the Trump administration’s most horrifying policies piped up on Twitter to talk trash.

Stephen Miller’s long-dormant Twitter account flared to life this afternoon, its first-ever post containing an avalanche of the same kind of absolutely heinous white supremacist dog-whistles and misinformation we saw coming from the Trump White House on a daily basis.

Miller must have taken it personally to see President Joe Biden’s day one revocation of most of the skull-faced ghoul’s personal racism agenda, especially the ending of the Muslim travel ban which Miller had attempted to institute early in Trump’s presidency.

Add your name to call for the arrest of Republicans in Congress who gave recon “tours” to Trump’s insurgents!

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In case you need a little refresher on what Stephen Miller is responsible for:

  • attempted to ban the citizens of seven majority Muslim nations from entering the United States for several months
  • tried to stop all refugees from entering the United States
  • instituted the zero tolerance child separation policy in which over 4,000 innocent migrant children, some just toddlers, were torn away from their parents with no plan for their reunification and placed in concentration camps to be abused and neglected by its for-profit operators
  • instituted the Remain in Mexico policy, where 59,000 immigrants (most of them not Mexican) were deposited in dangerous Mexican border towns, overburdening local services that cannot provide shelter, food, water, or protection for all of them. Many vulnerable migrants were rendered homeless and became easy prey for the cartel gangsters. There have been at least 816 confirmed murders, rapes, and kidnappings amongst them, including 201 kidnappings or attempted kidnappings of children. 1 in 4 migrants report being threatened with violence.

Perhaps Miller’s ambitions in the Republican Party extend further than to be just the puppeteer behind a stupid and lazy fascist. If he’s trying to use the Twitter lessons he learned from Trump, however, he’s going to have to think again.

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Social media users immediately bombarded the devious little freak with all the hate mail he deserves, racking up over 11,000 furious responses in a little over an hour.

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They all look something like this:

This public pillorying is only the least of what Miller deserves. If the Biden administration truly wants to see justice, Miller will see a trial for crimes against humanity.

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