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Trump vows to “be back in some form” in delusional, selfish final speech

Trump vows to “be back in some form” in delusional, selfish final speech

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It’s finally over.

Donald J. Trump gave his final speech as President this morning before departing the White House for good, sashaying away as The Village People’s classic “YMCA” blared through the speakers. Fairly tame as far as Trump speeches usually go, it focused mostly on celebrating the few “accomplishments” he paid attention to long enough to remember, like the creation of the Space Force — “an incredible achievement for a normal administration, and we were not a normal administration — which appeared to prompt his kids to cry.

Delusional and self-aggrandizing to the end, Trump declared that he’s “left it all on the field” and joked that he couldn’t have “worked harder” before delving into some of his classic racism with his comments about the “China virus,” which killed nearly half a million people on his watch.

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But most ominous of all was his declaration that he would be “back in some form,” which surely will prompt shudders down the spine of all who hear it.

Finally freed from the constraints of responsibility and the burdens of office, Trump is free to spend his hopefully few remaining years doing what he spent his entire presidency doing, which is watching television and golfing. Why he would want to be back at all after clearly being so miserable in office is beyond any of us, but given the sway he holds over the majority of the Republican Party’s voting base, we fear that this is not the last that we will see of Donald Trump and his stupidly ambitious brood.

Add your name to call for the arrest of Republicans in Congress who gave recon “tours” to Trump’s insurgents!

But in the meantime, here’s the footage that we have waited four endless years to see:

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