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FOX News collapses into hours-long meltdown over Biden undoing Trump’s worst deeds

FOX News collapses into hours-long meltdown over Biden undoing Trump’s worst deeds

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With several strokes of a pen — seventeen of them in all — President Joe Biden accomplished more in his first few hours in office than Donald Trump did his entire presidency. A wonderfully aggressive slew of executive orders quickly began to repair the catastrophic damage that the Trump administration left in its wake, tackling a myriad of crises across the board from climate change to looming mass evictions to discrimination against transgender Americans.

In doing so, President Biden immediately earned himself a flood of disingenuous weeping and moaning from the universally bad-faith Republican propaganda machine, which fell over itself in its rush to make it clear never had a problem with anything that Trump did but simply disapproved of the way he went about it.

While the depraved freaks, rabid zealots, and lab-grown Aryan androids that staff conservative outlets were eager to applaud President Biden’s call for unity and healing in his inauguration speech, it quickly became all too clear that in their minds, “healing and unity” simply means letting Republicans do whatever they want and never complaining about it.

It took just a few hours for the caterwauling to begin, kicked off by the National Review‘s senior writer:

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The evening lineup from bowtie Nazis and tinfoil hat salesmen at FOX News was predictably full of the same complaints.

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It even spilled into Thursday morning’s programming:

For the past four years, these gutless sycophants have cheered and applauded as a demented sexual predator committed acts of astonishing cruelty, treated the treasury as his personal expense account, and humiliated our nation on the world stage time and time again.

Their bitter resentment is the ultimate expression of white privilege; a confused and self-righteous indignation at the idea that they might have to face consequences of any kind for the events of the past four years and not simply get their way at all times. Just as they refused to accept the election results when the votes didn’t go their way, they refuse to accept the legitimacy of President Biden’s actions as president because they don’t like them.

President Biden and the entire Democratic body politic need to accept that these remorseless scumbags will never, ever, ever give you any credit, good faith, or even a shred of the benefit of the doubt. In return, they deserve to be treated with the same disdain and condescension that we have had to endure each and every dark day of the Trump era.

While President Biden will and probably should keep up this kabuki of wanting to “reach across the aisle” and work with the right-wing, they have made it painfully clear that they have no intention of compromising on anything, ever. Elections have consequences, and it’s time to make Republicans reap what they have sowed.

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