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Prominent figures unload on Ted Cruz for whining about Biden’s Day 1

Prominent figures unload on Ted Cruz for whining about Biden’s Day 1

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You didn’t expect Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to accept Donald Trump’s defeat with dignity and grace, did you?

Certainly not after he helped cast doubt on the validity of the election results — a factor in inciting the hordes of right-wing extremists to storm the Capitol, in many people’s opinion  — and abandoned his dignity to support a man who called his wife ugly and accused his father of being involved in a plot to assassinate JFK.

So, it was unsurprising to see Senator Cruz attacking the newly inaugurated President Biden over one of his immediate executive orders in the first hours of his presidency: the reinstatement of America’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, the fiercely negotiated treaty that is one of the last hopes our planet has to forestall the worst consequences of our despoiling of the environment.

While Cruz falsely claims that the Paris agreement better reflects the views of the French citizens of the city the accord was named after, progressive Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), one of the primary sponsors of the Green New Deal legislative proposal, begged to vociferously differ.

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We do hope that Senator Cruz can seek the proper medical care to help him recover from the sick burn that AOC’s tweet surely inflicted upon him.

Representative Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t the only one to pile onto Cruz for his ill-advised post.

Among his mockers was Walter Shaub, the former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics and a frequent Trump critic, who took the New York congresswoman’s critique of the Texas senator’s tweet to its logical extensions.

The political mavens of Twitter joined the fray in attacking Senator Cruz as well.

Even Hollywood figures joined in the fun mocking the senator who is now facing calls for his resignation after his seditious behavior in questioning the legitimacy of the election results, with screenwriter Brian Lynch and actor Seth Rogan posting their own responses to Cruz’s post.

Rogan’s profane response generated a reply for the right-wing Texas senator who likely saw his divisive response as an opportunity to score points with his base of Congress-invading, armed lunatics.

Rogan got the last word, however, with a tweet that mocked Cruz’s blatant partisan electioneering with a deeply honest new campaign slogan he could use in the future.

With the public pressure mounting to hold both Cruz and his colleague in undermining public faith in America’s electoral process, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), accountable for their seditious exploits, the Texas senator may not actually need another campaign slogan anytime soon.

If indeed the campaign to have Cruz expelled from the Senate is successful, he’ll have plenty of time to travel and he’ll be able to ask the citizens of Paris what they think of the state of our environmental regulations himself.

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Original reporting by David Badash at RawStory.

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