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Don Jr. sparks outrage after suddenly pretending to care about virus death toll

Don Jr. sparks outrage after suddenly pretending to care about virus death toll

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Much to the horror of a country still struggling beneath the crushing weight of a deadly pandemic, when President Joe Biden assumed office this week he discovered that the Trump administration had no meaningful vaccine distribution plan in place. One Biden official told CNN that there was nothing in place to rework and that they’d have to start completely “from scratch.” As has always been the case with Donald Trump, it’s difficult to tell if this lack of a plan should be attributed to incompetence, laziness, or malice.

It’s entirely possible that the gutted government staffed with sycophantic morons that Trump was presiding over by the end of his term was simply incapable of executing a vaccine distribution plan. It’s possible that they simply chose not to because they knew their boss would soon be out of a job and the pandemic would be someone else’s problem — not a difficult leap of logic since Trump and his closest advisors never cared about saving lives and saw COVID-19 as a purely political issue.

By far the darkest possibility is that Trump simply didn’t push to implement a distribution plan because he wanted his political enemy to inherit an unchecked plague. Sacrificing lives to make Biden look bad is without a doubt a trick Trump would be willing to employ.

That said, the issue of the coronavirus now falls to Biden and we are certain to see his team respond with confidence and competence. We won’t see the effects immediately but as the weeks pass and steady hands steer the ship of state we’ll start to notice marked differences in the way the virus is handled. Of course, right-wing outlets and MAGA loyalists will attack President Biden every step of the way, eager to blame any new deaths on him and ignoring the fact that things have gotten so bad in this country in the first place because Trump repeatedly botched the federal government’s handling of COVID-19.

Add your name to call for the arrest of Republicans in Congress who gave recon “tours” to Trump’s insurgents!

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Donald Trump Jr., a hollow homunculus so tied to his father’s identity that he cried when he left office, took to Twitter today and retweeted Stephen L. Miller, one of the social media’s website most reliably bad faith right-wing hacks. Miller claimed that Democrats’ response to COVID-19 is “not about science,” a nonsensical sentiment which the former president’s son endorsed by commenting “Narrator: And it never was.”

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This kind of brain dead tweet is what passes for humor to Don Jr. and his slobbering fans. It’s neither clever nor honest and everyone outside the red hat brigade realizes that this kind of “dunk” is really just a brazen display of hypocrisy.

Donald Trump Jr. was one of his father’s worst enablers, lending him unwavering support even as President Trump’s refusal to take the pandemic seriously pushed our country’s infection numbers into the millions. Now over 400,000 Americans are dead and the Trump family is directly to blame. Until they own up to that fact they can keep their collective mouths shut as Biden works to clean up their mess.

In response, brutal tweets poured in…

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