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FOX News host throws fit over new TIME cover mocking Trump: “it’s not real!”

FOX News host throws fit over new TIME cover mocking Trump: “it’s not real!”

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FOX News has had a hard time trying to decide what it wants to be mad about in the wake of Trump’s disgraceful expulsion from the White House and the swift return to a semblance of dignified normalcy under President Joe Biden.

So far, they have gotten furiously angry about Biden calling for unity and then undoing Trump’s most evil acts, dragged out the owner of the shop where Hunter Biden’s “laptop” was mysteriously found, and spent an entire day promoting racist fearmongering about a “migrant caravan” that had already been dispersed some 1,400 miles away from the Mexican border.

Today, they have set their sights on one of their biggest priorities, which is…wait, this can’t be right.


FOX host Harris Faulkner devoted a portion of her show today to having a meltdown over TIME Magazine’s most recent cover, which depicted a trashed Oval Office adorned with dusty, untouched files and empty fast food boxes.

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Obviously, a satirical mockery of President Biden’s illiterate cheeseburger-chugging predecessor, Faulkner wailed that “this isn’t real! I thought we cared about facts!”

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Hell must have frozen over! FOX News has spent the past two months promoting outrageous and wildly false accusations of election-stealing and voter fraud but now is suddenly concerned about facts because TIME Magazine showed Trump’s office as a mess?

To quote our new President:

C’mon, man!

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