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Payback time: Schumer smacks down McConnell’s ultimatum and makes it clear who’s in charge

Payback time: Schumer smacks down McConnell’s ultimatum and makes it clear who’s in charge

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Faced with the loss of power for the first time in over a decade, a reeling Mitch McConnell wasted no time in throwing down the gauntlet to the incoming Democrats.

But if he thinks he’s going to be able to bully them into submission, he’s got another thing coming.

On Thursday — President Biden’s second day in office — McConnell threatened to filibuster the Organizing Resolution that would hand Democrats control of Senate Committees unless they promised to not nuke the filibuster, which would then allow McConnell to obstruct President Biden and the Democrats entire agenda for the next two years.

He had his reply a day later — hell no.

“Leader McConnell’s proposal is unacceptable, and it won’t be accepted!” declared Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in a speech from the Senate floor. Instead, Schumer will offer the same power-sharing deal that was accepted during the last 50-50 Senate in 2001. He also pointed out that McConnell had no problem nuking the filibuster for judge nominations in 2017. 

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Yesterday, McConnell had the nerve to complain that “minority rights are the key to the Senate” after not letting Democrats get anything done for the past eight years and attempted to extort a promise from the Democrats to not change the rules, which would be breaking the rules, according to the rules that McConnell himself just made up, since he changed the rules of the Senate whenever it suited him when he was in power.

Add your name to call for the arrest of Republicans in Congress who gave recon “tours” to Trump’s insurgents!

Democrats responded with fury and incredulity to the Minority Leader’s statement and made it clear they have no intention of playing along with him.

“Chuck Schumer is the majority leader and he should be treated like majority leader. We can get shit done around here and we ought to be focused on getting stuff done,” said Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) to POLITICO. “If we don’t, the inmates are going to be running this ship.” Sen. Richard Blumenthal added that “It would be exactly the wrong way to begin. We need to have the kind of position of strength that will enable us to get stuff done.”

The Democrats won the Senate fair and square, and we should be allowed to pass policy and rewrite the rules as we please, just as McConnell and his cronies did with wild abandon during the Trump years — and if we want to keep control of the Senate, we must deliver aid and progress to the American people and remind them that government can do more than sit and sneer and worry about the deficit when millions of people are suffering.

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