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OPINION: Why George Conway should be appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump

OPINION: Why George Conway should be appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump

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Donald Trump’s life has radically changed in the days since he vacated the White House.

Instead of the pomp of the office and the deferential aides hanging on his every word to execute his wishes, the defeated ex-president now faces his Senate impeachment trial and the likely indictment on state charges in New York related to the financial and tax fraud disclosures that The New York Times documented in relation to the operation of his real estate empire, The Trump Organization.

And, while Trump was immune from any federal indictment as long as he remained in office — a factor that perhaps made his desperation to win the election even more acute than it would otherwise have been — now that he is again a private citizen, nothing but President Joe Biden’s desire to reunite our fractured nation prevents the newly-restored Justice Department from now pursuing investigations into Trump’s well-documented criminal acts while he was president.

Washington attorney George Conway has been a frequent critic of Donald Trump for a good portion of his presidency, despite the fact that his own wife Kellyanne was one of Trump’s most trusted counselors.

In an op-ed essay published by The Washington Post on Friday entitled “Former president, private citizen and, perhaps, criminal defendant: Donald Trump’s new reality,” Conway details the case for a federal prosecution of the former president that is so compelling that the newly independent Justice Department should seriously consider appointing Conway as the special prosecutor to handle the investigation into his laundry list of illegal behavior.

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Conway begins his essay by detailing the precarious legal situation that Trump now finds himself in, largely a situation of the ex-president’s own making.

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“Private citizen Trump stands stripped of the legal and practical protections against prosecution that he enjoyed during his tenure: constitutional immunity; a protective attorney general; a special counsel operating under self-imposed and external constraints; and the ability to invoke the presidency in litigation, even meritless litigation, to delay state prosecutors’ investigations. No longer will he be able to claim interference with his public duties, or to remove those who might allow damaging investigations to proceed,” Conway writes.

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The conservative co-founder of the Never-Trump GOP resistance group goes on to point out “How the Biden administration addresses these issues will have long-lasting implications for the rule of law in America — along with potentially enormous political consequences.”

“President Biden himself should stay out of it, and rightly seems intent on doing so. His Justice Department, however, can’t and shouldn’t,” Conway righteously declares, saying that Trump doesn’t deserve the mercy shown Richard Nixon.

“Trump deserves no such grace. His wrongs are far too many to ignore. His demonstrated contempt for the constitutional and legal order is simply too great. That was clear enough before Trump’s repellent and possibly criminal efforts to overturn the election results, for which he was duly impeached. Now, an effort to hold Trump to account in the criminal justice system is essential and unavoidable,” Conway insists.

“To deal with Trump, and to do so fairly, Attorney General-designate Merrick Garland, once confirmed, will need to use the mechanism of a special counsel. Indeed, given the astonishing breadth of Trump’s wrongdoing, Garland may need to appoint more than one to get the job done swiftly and thoroughly,” he says.

Following this thrown gauntlet with a detailed accounting of the crimes that Trump deserves to be prosecuted for in his opinion, Conway demonstrates in his essay why he is the perfect person to be appointed as one of the special prosecutors that he thinks is needed to deliver justice on behalf of the American people.

Running through a litany of offenses ranging from Russian collusion to the supposedly “perfect” Ukraine extortionate phone call to fraudulent activity related to both his campaign finances and his tax and insurance dealings in his real estate empire, as well as multiple other instances of potentially criminal behavior, Conway demonstrates an already exhaustive knowledge of the issues at hand and the imperative that Trump finally be called to account for his actions.

It is certainly worth reading Conway’s op-ed in its entirety, which one can do at this link (subscription required.)

Before you click through, however, and for those of you who don’t have access to get behind The Washington Post paywall, take a moment to read the conservative attorney’s closing statement in his essay.

“The laundry list of potential crimes is the product of the brazenness of Trump’s behavior over decades. Trump’s modus operandi has been to do whatever he considers necessary in the moment and thinks he can get away with. It worked for far too long. Trump has managed to avoid serious legal repercussions — not just during his four years as president, but throughout his life.”

“Trump’s presidency has ended. So, too, must his ability to dodge the consequences,” Conway rightfully concludes.

As a Republican and a conservative, Conway could not be faulted as a vindictive Democrat seeking political retribution in his pursuit of justice for Donald Trump, and his professional experience as a lawyer and chronicler of Trump’s misdeeds should make him the obvious choice to be appointed as a special prosecutor.

Let’s hope that the Biden administration recognizes the appropriateness of the choice of Conway to pursue the prosecution of Donald Trump and appoints him to that position as soon as possible.

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