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Planes buzz Mar-a-Lago with anti-Trump banners during his first weekend as ex-president

Planes buzz Mar-a-Lago with anti-Trump banners during his first weekend as ex-president

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Donald Trump may no longer be president but he can’t escape reminders that he is still facing the consequences of his behavior while in office, particularly his seditious attempt to overthrow the results of an election that he lost by over seven million votes.

While the disgraced former president awaits his unprecedented second impeachment trial and putters away his days in much the way he spent most of the weekends of his term — playing golf at one of his resorts — House impeachment managers and state prosecutors are putting the finishing touches on the impervious cases they will likely make against him.

Despite the photos of supporters greeting the politically-damaged Trump, there were plenty of signs that not everyone in Palm Beach was as forgiving as those well-wishers.

Reports of Mar-a-Lago members canceling their memberships in a club that no longer gives them intimate access to anyone with actual current political power abound, and some residents of Palm Beach, Florida are reportedly considering suing Trump for establishing a permanent residence at a property whose conversion into a private club form its previous status as a private residence included an agreement never to make the property his home.

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Neither of these two developments is likely to please the already distraught defeated ex-president who could conceivably face charges of voter fraud for registering Mar-a-Lago as his primary residence when he was not legally allowed to do so.

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Adding insult to the potential injury of prospective legislation, an unknown party decided to troll the former president by sending airplanes dragging banners behind them with messages that Donald Trump would surely react to with fits of rage once he saw them.

TRUMP WORST PRESIDENT EVER read the first banner.

Add your name to call for the arrest of Republicans in Congress who gave recon “tours” to Trump’s insurgents!

The second banner that was flown over the gaudy Florida resort was even more insulting and included a suggested remedial course of action for the obviously loathed Trump whom the person or group behind the aerial stunt certainly considers traitorous, judging from its message:

TRUMP YOU PATHETIC LOSER GO BACK TO MOSCOW the second banner proclaimed.

A Twitter user with the handle FloridaShores posted a video of the plane flying with the first banner as it soared over the Palm Beach breakers spreading its no-star review of the ex-Chief Executive after lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder posted still shots of the taunting messages.

While there is no word whether Donald Trump actually saw the trolling sky-bourne messages,  if he thought that Mar-a-Lago would offer him some respite from the anger and acrimony that his disastrous presidency inspired, he is now proven to be sorely mistaken.

In truth, Trump will likely never be able to live down the damage that his time as president has caused to his already battered reputation as a bankruptcy-prone businessman, at least not until he is held fully accountable for the criminal actions that he will surely be prosecuted for once his impeachment trial is concluded.

Someone should start a Go Fund Me campaign to keep those banners flying over Mar-a-Lago every day that Trump stays at his rapidly fading resort just to torment the narcissistic loser.

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