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Gun-toting Congresswoman in ethics scandal over arms transfer from Three Percenters militia member

Gun-toting Congresswoman in ethics scandal over arms transfer from Three Percenters militia member

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With two female QAnon adherents now serving as Republican representatives in Congress, it’s often difficult to determine whether they are equally insane and reprehensible.

While both Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) have been quite vocal about their unwarranted beliefs that the presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump through massive election fraud for which no one has been able to provide any credible evidence, the gun-toting Colorado legislator seems to be taking the lead in the “certifiably crazy sweepstakes” so far.

While Congresswoman Boebert has vociferously denied having given a tour of the Capitol Building to militia members in the days before the violent January 6th insurrection attempt, Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) has said that he and other colleagues witnessed Boebert escorting “a large group” through the building in the days immediately before it was stormed by the angry mob.

Rep. Boebert has also been among several GOP members of Congress who have refused to submit to the metal detector searches instituted at the entrance to the Capitol Building to check for prohibited weapons after the invasion of the building.

Now the freshman lawmaker is embroiled in another scandal involving militias and guns that could result in ethics issues for the right-wing 2nd Amendment adherent.

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A progressive grassroots political action committee in her home state, Rural Colorado United, posted a tweet showing Rep. Boebert accepting the gift of a handgun from a known member of a right-wing militia group, the Three Percenters, in an exchange that was illegal on more than one count.

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As a newly elected member of Congress, Rep. Boebert quickly used her unfamiliarity with House ethics regulations to excuse her behavior after being called out on the unlawful transfer of a weapon as a gift.

In a tweet posted after Rural Colorado United publicized her transgression, Boerbert offered the same excuse used by delinquent teenagers caught shoplifting at the mall — essentially that the entire incident was just a mistake and that she plans on paying for the handgun to make this fuss all go away.

What a “great group of Patriots”!?!?

Response to the congresswoman’s pitiful attempts to wriggle out of her legal and ethical offense was swift and brutal on Twitter.

The founding fathers and the suffragettes would likely turn over in their graves if they could see what their efforts have resulted in with the admission of Lauren Boebert to Congress.

Hopefully, as the investigations of the origins of the Capitol insurrection are more fully completed, the truth behind Boebert’s relationships with the violent militia members who broke into the halls of Congress and killed a policeman will be fully revealed.

If she indeed had any discussions whatsoever with right-wing extremists about overturning the verified results of the electoral college vote that resulted in Joe Biden’s ascension to the presidency, she should be immediately expelled from Congress.

In the meantime, she should be fully held accountable for her ethics violation in this well-documented infraction.

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Original reporting by Bob Brigham at RawStory.

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