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Senator Ted Cruz and Seth Rogen are having an epic — and highly profane — Twitter feud

Senator Ted Cruz and Seth Rogen are having an epic — and highly profane — Twitter feud

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The profane Twitter feud between Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and actor Seth Rogen continued and expanded over the weekend as the two antagonists traded pointed barbs with each other on social media.

The animosity between the Texas senator — who has been widely called on to resign or be expelled from the Senate after he urged the rejection of legitimate electoral votes cast for Joe Biden — and the Hollywood comic actor began when Cruz ludicrously criticized Biden for immediately ordering that the U.S. rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and Rogen told Cruz who he was and where to go.

Cruz likely saw the attention from a Hollywood celebrity as a tool to burnish his right-wing anti-elitist credentials with the Trump-obsessed GOP base, a necessary bit of slumming for the graduate of both Princeton and Harvard.

He replied with a typical indictment of Rogen as a wealthy, out-of-touch denizen of Los Angeles. The actor wasted no time in replying to Cruz’s characterization with some withering reminders of exactly who he thinks the senator is.

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The exchange of mean tweets only escalated from there.

Rogen next went after Cruz in the comments to otherwise unrelated posts that the seditious senator made.

Add your name to call for the arrest of Republicans in Congress who gave recon “tours” to Trump’s insurgents!

And they were off.

The mention of Tourette’s Syndrome inspired Rogen to give the out-of-his-depth Republican a lesson in the condition with which he is all too familiar.

In case, the Twitterverse didn’t get his point, Rogen posted his opinion of the insurrection inspiring senator again, as plainly as he could.

Cruz could not let that post go unanswered, prompting yet another series of profane replies from the actor.

In what had become more than a mere Twitter feud, Rogen was now on a mission to discredit the cynically manipulative politician in any way he could because of his belief that Cruz was partially responsible and completely complicit in the deadly Capitol insurrection.

The actor also fought back against accusations that as an actor, writer, and producer, he was unqualified to comment on Cruz’s qualifications and behavior as a senator.

At this point, Cruz seems to have acknowledged defeat in the battle of words, having failed to reply to the last few posts from Rogen in favor of having his right-wing extremist supporters take potshots at the celebrity, including one who forgot that Senator Cruz shares Canadian roots with the Vancouver-born actor.

Still, it wasn’t only the Texas senator who had outside supporters join the fray. Another Texas politician weighed in to express his concurrence with Rogen regarding Cruz’s treacherous behavior.

Despite Ted Cruz effectively ceding the battle to the man he ironically calls part of the “fascist left,” Beto O’Rourke’s advice remains pertinent.

Every one of those Republicans — including Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and dozens of GOP members of the House of Representatives — who tried to ignore the legitimate votes of millions of Americans and helped instigate the violent coup attempt on January 6th should be held accountable and expelled from Congress.

Call and let your elected legislators know how you feel about allowing these seditionists to retain their seats.

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