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Biden trolls Fox News reporter to his face when asked about phone call with Putin

Biden trolls Fox News reporter to his face when asked about phone call with Putin

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President Joe Biden has hit the ground running and already stark differences are emerging between his administration and that of his predecessor. With a few strokes of his pen, Biden has undone some of the most hateful policies implemented during the Trump years, from lifting the ban on transgender individuals serving in the military to ordering the federal government to reunite the separated families that Trump tore apart at the border. America is finally on the track to moral and psychological recovery.

As we settle back into a rhythm of stable, sane governance it’s important we remember the terror and the chaos of the Trump years so that we remain resolved to never repeat the mistake of electing a creature as demonstrably stupid and evil as him ever again.

Under Joe Biden, we won’t have to worry that the president is going to suddenly spark a nuclear war through a late-night tweet. We won’t have to worry that any time the president opens his mouth we’re going to be subjected to some insane conspiracy theory or racist tirade. Most importantly, we can trust Biden to pursue the best interests of the American people rather than his own base, corrupt desires.

Being able to finally breathe easier knowing that there isn’t an egomaniacal sociopath in control of our nuclear arsenal also allows us to slow down and enjoy some of the smaller, funnier moments. Earlier today, President Biden reminded the country what it’s like to have a leader with some charm and humor.

Add your name to call for the arrest of Republicans in Congress who gave recon “tours” to Trump’s insurgents!

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As he was leaving the White House State Dining Room after a press appearance, Biden was accosted by Fox News’s Peter Doocy who called out to ask Biden what he discussed with Vladimir Putin during his first phone call as president with the Russian dictator.

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“You. He sends his best,” Biden responded without missing a beat, causing the room to break into laughter. It was a silly, unimportant thing but we can all be forgiven for enjoying moments like this one after the horrors of the past four years.

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