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Kellyanne Conway allegedly posts nude photograph of her 16-year-old daughter to Twitter

Kellyanne Conway allegedly posts nude photograph of her 16-year-old daughter to Twitter

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Though they may have withdrawn from the public eye, the saga of former Trump whisperer Kellyanne Conway and her rebellious daughter Claudia continues to escalate— and it appears things just got real dark.

Social media users were in uproar last night after the former Trump campaign manager allegedly posted a topless photograph of her 16-year-old daughter in a “fleet” to her official @KellyannePolls account, reports Variety Magazine. “Fleets” are Twitter’s new function for tweets that delete themselves after several hours.

The images were quickly removed by Twitter and the company is investigating the incident.

The young social media star found out from her followers about what had happened and deduced that her mother had taken the photo from her phone during one of its many confiscations to use against her someday — which is absolutely psychotic in and of itself — and had possibly tweeted it by accident.

“Nobody would ever have any photo like that, ever. So, Kellyanne, you’re going to fucking jail,” said a furious and heartbroken Claudia in a TikTok video.

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A live stream of the family confrontation from Conway’s phone was recorded by another TikTok star. In it, Kellyanne appears to say that “she’s got to go” and accused her of faking her own abuse for online clout.

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Claudia even resorted to Morse code in an effort to get people to talk about what had just happened.

For weeks now, Claudia has been posting TikTok videos alleging psychological and physical abuse by her mother, Kellyanne, and they are truly disturbing to behold.


Kellyanne Conway withdrew from the White House in order to focus on her family after Claudia Conway announced that she wanted to be emancipated from her parents and began documenting their marital issues on social media. Claudia has previously posted videos of her mother cursing at her for revealing their family’s COVID-19 infection to the world.

Judging from these videos, it’s clear that Kellyanne’s love of gaslighting and twisting the truth extends far deeper than just her interactions with the media — and that there is something very, very, very wrong unfolding in the Conway household.

Social media users were aghast:

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