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Don Jr. mocked for desperately declaring his dad’s impeachment “Dead on Arrival” in pathetic tweet

Don Jr. mocked for desperately declaring his dad’s impeachment “Dead on Arrival” in pathetic tweet

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Since leaving office we’ve heard little from Donald Trump beyond a boilerplate announcement from his surrogates that he will be opening his Office of the Former President in Florida. Granted, his Twitter account has been permanently suspended—barring him from his favorite means of communicating with his fans—but presumably he could still make appearances on Fox News or OAN if he really wanted to address his dead-ender supporters. His failure to do so opens up a few conceivable explanations.

It’s entirely possible that the infamously egomaniacal Trump took such a psychological shellacking from his ouster, that his post-presidential rut is so severe that he’d rather just spend his time moping and stewing in his discontent. It’s equally possible that his radio silence is a strategic decision to keep his head low in the wake of the Capitol insurrection and the ongoing impeachment proceedings against him. Perhaps he thinks that ranting in public about the election would only pressure Republicans in the Senate to vote to convict him.

Unfortunately for us, the sudden silence does not seem to extend to the ex-president’s immediate family. Donald Trump Jr., perhaps eager to maintain a public profile in the hopes of eventually launching a presidential bid of his own, has remained active on social media, spewing the same kinds of lies, idiotic attacks, and weaponized ignorance we’ve come to expect from his troglodytic father.

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Today, Don Jr. tweeted that his father’s impeachment trial in the Senate is “Dead on Arrival” since several Republicans have already voiced their opposition to it. While it’s still unclear how every GOP senator will ultimately vote, nobody ever lost money betting on the cowardice of Republican politicians. It seems likely that they will ultimately choose party over the country once again and let Trump off the hook for inciting an insurrection that resulted in several deaths.

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While he might end up being correct about impeachment, little Donnie’s characterization of the process could not be any further removed from the truth. His asinine tweet went on to ask if the Democrats “have something better to do in a pandemic than push their sham political theater.”

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The reality, of course, is that holding a president accountable for his role in a literal attempt to end our Republic is an incredibly pressing, legitimate use of Congress’s time. This isn’t about politics, it’s about defending democracy itself. His jab about the pandemic is just idiotic icing on the cake, given that his father did nothing as COVID-19 swept the United States, resulting in over 400,000 deaths by the end of his ill-fated term. Donald Trump may not be dealt the justice he deserves by the Senate, but that will in no way absolve him of the crimes he has committed against the country he swore to defend.

And who knows? Maybe Republican senators will decide that convicting Trump is in their best interests, at which point they’ll be able to discard him like so much rubbish.

As usual, Don Jr.’s bad faith tweet prompted a wave of backlash.

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