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Sources say Mike Pence is currently “homeless” and forced to stay with friends

Sources say Mike Pence is currently “homeless” and forced to stay with friends

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Homeless and hiding his location from potential predators who want to take his life for performing the constitutional duty that he had sworn to uphold, the former Vice-President of the United States may now be thinking that perhaps he shouldn’t have paid such fealty to Donald Trump over the past four years.

Yes, Mike Pence’s life has taken a drastic turn since he lost the election back in November.

After initially playing along with Trump’s delusions that it was only massive election fraud — for which the defeated president could offer no real proof — that kept him from returning to office for another four years, Pence finally acknowledged both the reality of the loss and of his duty to certify the electoral vote count as presented by the various state legislatures to Congress.

It was that last action that has him now being particularly careful of disclosing his current whereabouts since he has now earned the vengeful hatred of violent militant radical extremists — part of a right-wing for which he believed he was a standard-bearer — who apparently want to complete the job that they couldn’t complete in their January 6th incursion into our nation’s Capitol Building.

Complicating the efforts of any crazed militia member attempting to track the former VP’s location is the fact that the parsimonious Pence went without a home of his own during the time he was receiving free housing courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers.

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Business Insider reports that Republicans close to Pence and his wife believe that they are currently “couch-surfing” at the homes of various officials in their home state of Indiana.

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“According to one source, the Pences are staying at the dolled-up cabin nearby that the Indiana governor uses as a retreat. If so, they’d need permission to spend the night from Pence’s former lieutenant governor, who now serves as governor, Eric Holcomb,” reported Business Insider’s Tom LoBianco. “Two Republicans close to the Pences said they heard that the former second couple was staying at Pence’s brother’s place in Columbus. The one thing everyone is certain of is that when the Pences moved out of the vice president’s residence at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, they had nowhere to go. The former second couple doesn’t actually own a house.”

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While the Pences certainly have the resources to buy a home — especially in the midwest where house prices are considerably lower than in the high-priced regions on the nation’s coasts — their reluctance to go house shopping right now may be inspired by a desire to keep an exceedingly low profile while the former VP is on the likely hit list of domestic terrorists.

“Republicans who spoke with Insider also said they wondered whether Pence and his team are closely guarding their new domicile because of the wave of death threats he faced just three weeks ago,” said the report. “The Trump-incited mob that stormed the Capitol earlier this month shouted that they wanted to hang Pence, and some of the people came within about 100 feet of confronting him and his family as they were hurried to a secure location in the Capitol,” Business Insider reports.

The publication also notes that Pence has been incommunicado with his former boss since Joe Biden was inaugurated and reportedly holds a very un-Christian-like grudge against Trump for endangering his life by inciting his ugly mob of supporters to storm the Capitol to try to prevent him from making the final certification of the election results.

It’s often been said that everything that Donald Trump touches turns into that brown mushy substance that extrudes from his rectum (and likely fills his cranial cavity), the post-term experience of Mike Pence should prove to be a cautionary tale to those Senate Republicans ready to serve as jurors in the former president’s impeachment trial and to determine whether he will have any political future as an officeholder going forward.

Acquit at your own risk, GOP senators, and the risk of our entire populace.

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Original reporting by Tom LoBianco at Business Insider.

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