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Ted Cruz launches bizarre Marie Antoinette attack on Biden team for trying to stop climate change

Ted Cruz launches bizarre Marie Antoinette attack on Biden team for trying to stop climate change

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It cannot be stressed enough just how important removing Donald Trump from the White House will prove to be in the long term, not only for the United States but for the entire world.

Already President Biden is working to undo much of the widespread damage inflicted by his predecessor, from ordering the government to reunite separated families to ending discriminatory practices that served no purpose beyond pandering to bigots. One crucial area where we are already seeing a massive difference between the Trump and Biden administrations is the issue of climate change.

For decades the Republican Party has chosen to ignore and outright deny the existential threat of anthropogenic climate change as they rake in massive donations from the fossil fuel industries that benefit directly from that denial. Trump himself once dismissed climate change as a hoax invented by the Chinese so it came as little surprise when his White House failed to take appropriate action to save the planet, choosing instead to exacerbate the crisis by doing things like withdrawing from the Paris Agreement (which Biden has already rejoined).

Today, President Biden signed a slate of much-needed executive orders aimed at aggressively fighting climate change. From switching government vehicles to electric-powered to halting federal oil leases, the sweeping measures represent a bold and unprecedented effort to tackle a growing problem that threatens us all.

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John Kerry,  the new United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, discussed some of the changes during a press conference today. He stressed that pursuing greener energy sources should not be seen as an attack on jobs in the fossil fuel sectors but rather an opportunity for workers to transition into more sustainable, high-paying fields. Kerry used the example of a coal miner learning to install solar panels as a perfect example of how this can work.

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The incredibly reasonable and forward-thinking points made by Kerry were immediately pounced upon by right-wingers who tried to twist the words to make it seem like Biden and Kerry don’t care about workers. After conservative digital outlet The Daily Caller packaged a clip of Kerry’s remarks, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) retweeted it as an example of rich “out-of-touch” Democrats lecturing “blue-collar union members,” a ludicrously hypocritical thing for a millionaire, anti-labor goblin like Cruz to say.

The senator then misrepresented Kerry’s comments to make it sound like the Envoy was telling oil and gas workers to simply “make better choices” when in reality Kerry was saying that these workers would have better choices available to them as the green energy sector grows. He wasn’t chiding them for poor choices, he was saying the Biden plan will help them. Cruz ended his misinformative tweet by channeling Marie Antoinette with a completely irrelevant “Let them eat cake!” reference.

Putting aside Cruz’s obvious duplicity, it’s worth pointing out that the jobs these Republican politicians pretend to care so deeply about won’t exist at all if the Earth becomes inhabitable. Jobs only exist if there are people alive to do them.

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