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Deleted Facebook post reveals GOP rep blamed “space laser” for California wildfires

Deleted Facebook post reveals GOP rep blamed “space laser” for California wildfires

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With each passing day, a new indefensible social media post from one of Congress’ new resident members of the “Q Klux Klan” surfaces and raises the question of how these people ever got elected to Congress and why they were even allowed to be seated after the deadly insurrection attempt by their supporters.

The latest pre-congressional social media post that has been unearthed from the now-deleted Facebook missives made by QAnon adherent Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) by watchdog group Media Matters For America takes the cake for being even more ludicrous and deranged than even most of the wildest conspiracy theories in the Q canon.

The post was made back in 2018 at a time when wildfires were consuming significant portions of California’s landscape, leading to deaths and property destruction across the state, with the Camp Fire, in particular, responsible for a total of 153,336 acres burned, destroying 18,804 structures and resulting in 85 civilian fatalities and several firefighter injuries in the deadliest and most destructive fire in California history.

Investigators initially were pointing their fingers at one of the state’s major electricity providers as being responsible for the incidents that started the infernos.

While most people accepted the explanation that the blame for the blazes remained with Pacific Gas & Electric’s failure to maintain their power lines, lines that subsequently collapsed in strong Santa Ana winds, releasing sparks that triggered the conflagration of the extremely dry vegetation, starved of water by a drought, Marjorie Taylor Greene struggled to find an alternative explanation for the initiation of the devastating wildfires.

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Her explanation came straight from the message boards of her fellow QAnon followers — although one would guess that it was ripped straight from the pages of a poorly written science fiction novel — and included an unhealthy dose of anti-Semitism in the mix for good measure.

Greene seriously proposes that the fires were started not by the downed power lines that investigators who had actually examined the physical evidence determined were at cause but by non-existent “space lasers” missing their mark when beaming back power from non-existent orbiting solar power generators.

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You can read her entire rant in this screengrab of her now-deleted Facebook post below.

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Given that even in 2021 there is not a single operational commercial orbiting solar power generator beaming power back to earth, Greene’s accusations are as deranged today as the day she originally made them.

It’s no wonder that so many people have been calling for Greene’s ouster from Congress.

With the job of determining the legislative agenda for the nation, no member of Congress should be immune from passing basic intelligence and sanity benchmarks before being allowed to take their positions in this august governing body.

That the people of Georgia’s 14th congressional district saw fit to elect this clearly unhinged woman to be their representative is undeniable, but given her support of the “big lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump — support that can be directly linked to the insurrection that threatened the lives of her colleagues in Congress — and given her tenuous grasp of concrete reality, Marjorie Taylor Greene has no business being a Congresswoman.

This deluded conspiracy theorist should be ejected from the House of Representatives at the first available opportunity.

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Original reporting by Eric Hananoki at Media Matters For America.

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