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Marjorie Taylor Greene uses racist smear against Cori Bush and posts unhinged video

Marjorie Taylor Greene uses racist smear against Cori Bush and posts unhinged video

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Having for some reason been elected by the voters of Georgia through what can only be characterized as a stunning collective lapse of judgment, a QAnon lunatic now stalks through the halls of Congress.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) has quickly gained a reputation for being perhaps the most insane member of the House of Representatives, having voiced support for conspiracy theories ranging from the deranged idea that school shootings are actually false flag operations to the belief that Satanic Democrats regularly engage in ritualistic child sacrifice and sexual abuse in order to maintain their grip on power.

Greene is in every sense unfit for public office, a fact that she seems determined to prove over and over again. One might expect a politician to moderate their crazier idiosyncrasies once they’re in office but Greene has shown no intention of doing so, a grim prognostication for where the Republican Party is trending after the Trump years.

Rep. Cori Bush (MO), one of the more promising Democrats elected to the House in 2020, stated on Twitter that she has been “berated” by a maskless Marjorie Taylor Greene and her staff. Greene being one of those imbeciles who thinks wearing a mask during the height of a deadly pandemic is some untenable curtailing of her civil liberties is of course not surprising, but her endangering the life of another member of Congress is inexcusable. This woman is either incapable of empathy, logical thinking, or both.

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Bush accused Greene of also targeting her on social media and revealed that she will be moving her Congressional office to another location further from the deranged Republican Congresswoman in order to guarantee the safety of her team. Bush also repeated her call for members of Congress who helped incite the Capitol insurrection—an ignominious cohort to which Green belongs—to be expelled.

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Greene responded to Bush’s tweet with a racist attack a few hours later, saying that the Democratic Congresswoman is the leader of the “St. Louis Black Lives Matter terrorist mob.” Conflating BLM—a civil rights movement working to end the endless campaign of police brutality being waged against people of color in this country—with a terrorist group is a common tactic for particularly bigoted conservatives because it allows them to reject the group’s legitimate concerns wholesale.

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Greene also claimed that it was Bush who berated her and that she has the recorded live streaming video to prove. She attached a video to the tweet which shows her ranting into the camera about BLM and Antifa, her mask pulled down below her chin. As she’s walking, someone off-screen appears to address her, presumably telling her to wear her mask. Rather than heed the reasonable request, Greene gets into a shouting match with the individual, who Greene’s tweet seems to imply is Bush herself.

The video ends with Greene tugging her mask off, screaming about hypocrisy, and storming off in the opposite direction. The weirdest part about the entire thing is that Greene thinks she comes across well in this video to the point that she decided it on her Twitter. It’s hard to imagine a single normal person seeing it and not coming away convinced that she is completely out of her mind.

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