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Republican Congresswoman under fire for bullying school shooting survivor

Republican Congresswoman under fire for bullying school shooting survivor

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While much of the nation’s attention has been focused on the absurd battle between nostalgic GameStop fans and Wall Street hedge fund vampires, the past few days have seen the true ugliness of the Republican Party put on display for all to see.

A little digging by journalists easily uncovered just how deep down the rabbit hole of psychotic right-wing conspiracy theories newly elected Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene is. Videos and old Facebook posts have shown Taylor-Greene calling for the execution of Nancy Pelosi, wondering if a giant space laser was responsible for the California wildfires, and endorsing the QAnon pedophile cabal conspiracy theory.

But the most heinous skeleton in her closet is the appalling video of Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene harassing and bullying David Hogg, a survivor of the horrifying massacre at Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Taylor-Greene apparently believes the rampage that killed 17 and wounded 17 others was a “false flag” operation by the deep state and that Hogg and the other survivors-turned-anti-gun violence activists are “crisis actors.” In her mind, this somehow justified going up to Hogg on the street and confronting him while filming.

But it turns out she’s not the only new member of Congress who thinks it’s acceptable to bully the survivors of mass shootings. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who has been making headlines of her own for all the wrong reasons, joined in by publicly calling him a child and questioning his courage for not responding after being accosted by her insane colleague.

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It’s hard to imagine what kind of person would bully a teenager who saw his friends and peers gunned down in front of his very eyes and then spent the next three years being harassed for daring to speak out against the scourge of gun violence, but apparently the people of Colorado think that person is an acceptable politician.

It goes without saying that these women are a threat not only to their colleagues — Boebert was accused of giving Capitol tours to the members of the mob who would later break-in and defile the building — but also to our nation. We cannot have people of such naked cruelty and psychotic beliefs making policy for us. They must be expelled from Congress as soon as legally possible.

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