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Marjorie Taylor-Greene runs and hides behind Trump’s skirts as backlash grows

Marjorie Taylor-Greene runs and hides behind Trump’s skirts as backlash grows

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Newly elected GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene of Georgia has quickly become an extremely controversial figure in Congress for her past belief in every hateful and deeply cruel conspiracy theory in the right-wing lexicon — 9/11 was an inside job, school shootings are false flag attacks, the California wildfires were caused by a Jewish space laser, QAnon is real — you name it!

A recent confrontation with fellow freshmen Congresswoman Cori Bush led to MTG smearing her colleague as a “BLM terrorist” and forced Bush to move her office to a different part of the building in order to get away from her. Amid growing calls for her expulsion from Congress and demands for her censure by infuriated Democrats, Taylor-Greene has decided to seek safety under Trump’s flabby wing.

On Saturday, MGT bragged that she had had a GREAT call with her favorite president, making it clear to everyone that she has “his support” and doubled down on her conspiratorial delusions, launching into an insane and lengthy screed that hit all the same points as every Trump rally speech.

Add your name to demand the Senate CONVICT DONALD TRUMP for inciting an insurrection agains the United States!

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…And so on and so forth for another couple tweets.

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Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s sudden display of loyalty to Trump is a shrewd move indeed, making it clear to any Republican who might be uncomfortable with her reprehensible shenanigans that any criticism or move to punish her will be seen as a repudiation of Trump’s Will and will immediately spark the kind of backlash that Liz Cheney is currently recieving from her voters for her vote to impeach Trump.

There’s no getting around it — this is the Party of Trump now and forever. Kicking him out of office wasn’t enough to shake his iron grip on the party and its voters, and with his champions in Congress his malevolent psychosis will continue to haunt the Republican Party — which is just the punishment they deserve for enabling him for four long years.

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