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Jim Jordan kicks the hornet’s nest by telling Americans they need jobs not stimulus checks

Jim Jordan kicks the hornet’s nest by telling Americans they need jobs not stimulus checks

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The Republican Party bears full responsibility for the COVID-19 crisis. They put Donald Trump in charge of this country and then sat quietly on the sideline as he repeatedly failed to confront the pandemic, choosing instead to dismiss it as a hoax and engage in magical thinking that it would simply vanish all by itself.

The result of the GOP’s collective cowardice is over 400,000 dead Americans and widespread economic devastation. Knowing the enormity of their culpability, one might expect them to at least pretend to care about repairing the damage inflicted by the coronavirus. Instead, we see them nickel-and-diming the Biden administration, working hard to reduce the size of the stimulus package.

This morning Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a man best known for ignoring rampant sexual abuse during his time as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University, penned a tweet dripping in disdain for the average American. “Paychecks are the best stimulus checks,” wrote the man whose entire salary is funded by taxpayers.

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The implication is clearly that Jordan thinks we don’t deserve stimulus checks and that anyone advocating for them would be better off simply getting a job. What the Congressman ignores is that many people would love to be working but thanks to his party’s botched handling of the pandemic they’ve found themselves unemployed.

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Jordan had no problem increasing the federal debt when it came to passing Trump’s massive tax cut for the super-rich but now that it’s time to help out suffering Americans he suddenly wants us to believe he cares about spending. In reality, he just doesn’t want to give the Biden administration a win. Jordan wants to play politics while people are struggling to survive.

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As is often the case when this sorry excuse for a man tweets, the backlash was immediate and harsh. Many pointed out that Jordan himself doesn’t have a real job and simply siphons off tax dollars while serving the interests of the plutocrats who put him in power.

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