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Marjorie Taylor Greene kicks off Black History Month with racist dog whistle about Black Lives Matter

Marjorie Taylor Greene kicks off Black History Month with racist dog whistle about Black Lives Matter

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Marjorie Taylor Greene has in a very short amount of time secured a reputation as the most insane member of a party absolutely teeming with lunatics and creeps. The Republican Congresswoman from Georgia is perhaps best known for her support of QAnon—the deranged conspiracy theory that alleges powerful Democrats regularly engage in pedophilia and Satanic worship—but she’s also voiced belief in other disturbing ideas like school shootings being false flag operations and 9/11 being an inside job.

Last week, Greene made headlines for her confrontation with Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO). Bush revealed that she is moving her Congressional office because an unmasked Greene has been berating her and her staff in the hallways. The reliably unhinged Greene responded by posting a video of her yelling at someone off-screen, presumably Bush. In the tweet, Greene called Bush the leader of a “Black Lives Matter terrorist mob,” a racist dog whistle so loud canines on other planets could hear it.

Today, Greene spewed even more anti-BLM rhetoric on Twitter in a statement announcing her support for something called the “Old Glory Only Act,” a waste of legislative time that would ban any flags but the American flag from flying over U.S. embassies. In her statement, Greene decried “rogue members of the State Department” who, according to her, flew the flag of “the radical Marxist group, Black Lives Matter” above an embassy. Without a trace of irony, the woman who helped incite an insurrection last month then referred to BLM members as “domestic terrorists.”

Add your name to demand the Senate CONVICT DONALD TRUMP for inciting an insurrection agains the United States!

Black Lives Matter is decidedly not a terrorist organization but by referring to it as such Greene and her fellow reactionaries hope to shift the conversation away from the legitimate grievances being voiced about the brutality inflicted on communities of color by the police. By attacking BLM, Greene is signaling to racists that she will work to represent their interests. It’s of course not a coincidence that she decided to release this statement today, the first day of Black History Month.

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It should also be pointed out how incredibly stupid it is for an elected official to waste time worrying about BLM flags when there is an ongoing pandemic. Greene should be spending all of her time working to pass a stimulus bill to help suffering Americans but she (like all Republicans) is far more interested in playing politics than actually tending to the material needs of her voters.

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