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Graham suggests Marjorie Taylor Greene’s deranged posts were “manipulated” in shameful defense

Graham suggests Marjorie Taylor Greene’s deranged posts were “manipulated” in shameful defense

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) is quickly becoming the face of the post-Trump presidency Republican Party. The deeply unhinged Congresswoman from Georgia has only been in office for a few short months but has already become infamous for embracing a slew of reactionary conspiracy theories including QAnon, the belief that Satanic Democratic pedophiles secretly pull the strings of power.

Greene has also stated that school shootings are false flag operations, supported Trump’s lies about a stolen election that eventually led to a deadly insurrection at the Capitol, referred to Black Lives Matter activists as terrorists, called for the execution of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and suggested that California’s wildfires are caused by “space lasers.” This woman is clearly unsuited to hold public office and empowering someone with such insane beliefs is only going to push even more Americans to decouple from reality and recede into a fever swamp of right-wing paranoia and misinformation.

Some members of Congress recognize the threat that Greene poses to sane and stable governance and have already introduced a bill to expel her from Congress citing “numerous reports revealing her repeated endorsements of sedition, domestic terrorism, and political violence”. At the same time, Democrats are pushing to strip her of her committee assignments this week.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party has abjectly failed to confront the reality that it is rapidly transforming into an organization dominated entirely by conspiracy theories and mentally unstable individuals. So-called moderate Republicans are terrified to condemn lunatics like Greene because they’re afraid of alienating the MAGA base. As a result, Greene’s brand of politics is taking root within the GOP and will likely spread like cancer as candidates with similar views, seeing that they are now politically viable, pursue elected office.

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Earlier today, the reliably craven Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was asked about Greene. He said that he accompanied her during a ride down to Georgia and had a “very pleasant experience” with her.

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“Are these postings accurate? I want to hear from her,” said Graham of the numerous social media posts that Greene has released broadcasting her beliefs. “Before I judge what to do about her I want to know what the facts are. If these are not accurate postings, they’ve been manipulated, I’d like to know that. If they are accurate do you still hold these beliefs? So I’m going to wait for her to come forward and tell us exactly what’s real and what’s not, what she believes. Then you’ll have more information, ” Graham added.

“A lot of it is just her talking on video,” pointed out a reporter.

Graham responded with some mealymouthed remark that he hasn’t seen the videos but wants to discern “what’s accurate and what’s not” and learn whether or not Greene currently holds conspiracy theory beliefs. It was exactly the kind of spineless equivocating we’ve come to expect from Graham and his Trump-enabling ilk. Greene’s behavior is so beyond the pale that he can’t endorse it but since he’s afraid to denounce her he has to pretend as if she doesn’t really believe what she believes.

There is no evidence indicating that the posts having been manipulated or fabricated in any way and Greene herself has not even claimed they were faked. On the contrary, Greene was clearly proud of her views and enjoyed sharing them with her Facebook and Twitter followers. When she inevitably ends up spewing some new deeply offensive conspiracy Graham will be left holding the bag. Anyone who fails to distance themselves from her right now will pay the price in the end.

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