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FOX host whitewashes “weird, kooky” Marjorie Taylor-Greene and goes full racist against Ilhan Omar

FOX host whitewashes “weird, kooky” Marjorie Taylor-Greene and goes full racist against Ilhan Omar

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It’s very telling that whenever the Republican propaganda machine is forced to reckon with the hatred and the bigotry that they promote on a daily basis, their only response is to whitewash and excuse it.  In response to the horrific revelations about Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s support for white supremacist conspiracy theories and the efforts to remove her from House committees, FOX News’ response has been to demonize a Black Muslim woman and instead shift the attention to a completely unrelated and obviously racist double standard.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene is on the record supporting the idea that school shootings are false flag hoaxes, that Jews are trying to destroy Europe through Muslim immigration, that a giant Jewish space laser was used to start the California wildfires, and the preposterous “QAnon” Democrat pedophile cabal and time-traveling JFK Jr. mythology. 

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But to FOX’s Bill Hemmer, that’s just being “weird and kooky!” — as opposed to white supremacist boogeyman Ilhan Omar, who he considers to be “racist” for being critical of Israeli lobbying and for calling out Trump’s own racism.

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Your aunt who spends too much time buying crystals on Etsy is “weird and kooky.” The conspiracy theories that Marjorie Taylor-Greene endorse have been directly linked to at least one anti-Semitic massacre. The QAnon devotees stormed the Capitol building at the behest of Donald Trump  — and to the applause of Marjorie Taylor-Greene  — in hopes of lynching the Vice-President and assassinating Democratic politicians.

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These are dangerous, inherently fascistic, and occasionally genocidal ideas that have absolutely no place in our democracy or in public discourse — but multi-billion dollar companies like FOX continue to go out of their way to whitewash and excuse them while painting a target on the back of Black Muslim Congresswomen who already are barraged with death threats on a daily basis simply for existing.


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