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Jim Jordan provokes huge backlash after declaring GOP the party of “beer and blue jeans”

Jim Jordan provokes huge backlash after declaring GOP the party of “beer and blue jeans”

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As the Republican Party completes its transformation from the GOP to the GQP, it is amazing that, despite the departure of Donald Trump from any official position of power, the number of genuinely deplorable people who continue to hold prominent roles within the party only continues to grow.

The newfound attention being paid to the newest and most extreme Republican members of Congress such as Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert may be making some of the other right-wing grandstanders in the party jealous of the media spotlight that these newcomers are stealing away from their own antics.

In the spirit of equanimity, we should spend some time shining that spotlight on one of the more reliably heinous lawmakers of the “Sedition Caucus” — those Republican legislators who voted against accepting the legitimate results of the electoral college vote — Congressman Jim “Gym” Jordan.

Rep. Jordan invited the attention with his recent tweet attempting to rebrand the party formerly associated with wealthy industrialists and Wall Street fat cats and slavishly serving their interests into the party of exurban Main Street.

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Obviously, the rebranding effort runs into a bit of a reality check when Jordan’s sloganeering runs headlong into the reality of his party’s legislative agenda which continues to pay heed to Main Street on social and cultural issues like abortion and unlimited gun rights but hews to protecting the financial interests of the ruling class when the rubber hits the road.

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Many of the folks who ran across Rep. Jordan’s tweet online begged to differ with the congressman on his characterization of the GOP.

Add your name to demand the Senate CONVICT DONALD TRUMP for inciting an insurrection against the United States!

It appears as if Congressman Jim Jordan doesn’t have to worry about being eclipsed by those scene-stealing newcomers after all.

He can still generate the kind of disgusted reactions that he’s always been able to stir up among reasonable and moral people of opposing viewpoints.

He’s one of the reasons that the real rebranding of the GOP is rightfully as the Losing Party.

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