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Marjorie Taylor-Greene issues very Trumpy and immature response to losing her committee chairs

Marjorie Taylor-Greene issues very Trumpy and immature response to losing her committee chairs

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Yesterday, House Democrats took the controversial but entirely appropriate measure of stripping all committee assignments from Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene after it became public knowledge that she supported the gamut of the most appalling conspiracy theories in right-wing American paranoia.

You know that things are going just great when you have to address the United States Congress and affirm that actually, you do believe that 9/11 happened and that you disavow the insane conspiracy that Democrats are running a secret child sex ring and making a drug out of harvested baby terror. But that’s exactly what Taylor-Greene reluctantly had to do yesterday in an effort to save her committee seats, even though the rest of the Republican caucus refused to condemn her.

Her mea culpae fell on deaf ears, however, and she was kicked off the education and budget committees.

Add your name to demand the Senate CONVICT DONALD TRUMP for inciting an insurrection agains the United States!

Taylor-Greene took to Twitter the next morning to respond to the rebuke and declared, in classically Trumpian fashion, that she was Not Mad but Laughing, Actually, which might as well be a blinking neon light that says “I Am Furious.”

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The “+11” — another nod to Trump’s bizarre tweeting style — refers to the 11 Republicans who joined the Democrats in voting for her removal from the committees.

The immature and crude response to the punishment is further proof that her “apology” was entirely insincere and that she has no intention of changing her ways any time soon. While there is little chance that we can succeed in kicking her out of Congress, which would require a supermajority that we do not have, having her continue to behave as Trump’s devoted acolyte and hanging his legacy around the neck of the GOP might not be the worst thing in the world for us — especially if all she can do is cast one out of 435 votes.

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