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MTG ally Lauren Boebert gets brutally trolled in town hall by her own voters

MTG ally Lauren Boebert gets brutally trolled in town hall by her own voters

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The latest crop of Republicans sworn into Congress promises a grim future of the Grand Old Party. Now that Donald Trump has normalized conspiracy theories for conservatives, we see QAnon supporters like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert being propelled into the halls of Congress where they are already spreading their brain-poisoning filth.

Greene’s support of truly deranged conspiracy theories has been well-documented and Boebert has quickly become a scandal magnet having been accused of giving a “tour” to a group of people in the lead-up to the Capitol insurrection as well as being implicated in a possible campaign finance violation scheme. Neither of these two belongs in government and both of them pose serious threats to the stability and sanity of our Republic. Thankfully, some of Boebert’s constituents at least seem to realize that.

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Last night, Boebert hosted a virtual town hall and it quickly spiraled out of control. The gun-fetishist Congresswoman found herself fielding questions about her horrendous behavior and at one point was asked “which prison” she’d like to do her time in once she is “tried for treason.” Rather than push back or offer some justification for her actions she said “next question” and quickly moved on. A fighter she is not.

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At another point in the town hall, a woman took Boebert to task for her inane tweets.

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“Thank you so much, I’m so excited to speak with you congresswoman. Just a couple things. First, your incendiary tweets have not addressed the 53,000 cases of COVID in District 3, nor have they addressed the 900 deaths in our district. It’s disgraceful. You have also condoned Marjorie Taylor Greene’s incendiary tweets that promoted anti-semitism and racist comments. I want to know why you do–” the woman said before getting cut off by the Congresswoman.

“I want to address COVID relief,” claimed Boebert before ignoring the substance of the caller’s question to rattle off some cookie-cutter talking points about relief. Her failure to denounce Greene tells you all you need to know about this woman. She is MAGA to the core and will happily continue to flush our democracy down the toilet if it will help secure her own personal power.

Give it a listen below.

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