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FOX News ends up with egg on its face after tut-tutting Biden’s trip to his doctor in Delaware

FOX News ends up with egg on its face after tut-tutting Biden’s trip to his doctor in Delaware

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We officially live in crazy world. President Biden flew home to Delaware this weekend on Air Force One, marking his first official trip as president. Somehow, the right-wing outrage machine figured out a way to be mad about this, complaining that it he was travelling “despite CDC warnings to avoid travel,” which is one of the most astounding about-faces in political history.

After nearly a year of railing against the tyrannical injustice of lockdown regulations and the unfairness of mask mandates, all of a sudden FOX News is deeply concerned about CDC warnings. Where was all this concern when Trump was flying to his super-spreader rally events every week? It’s not like Biden is flying commercial and presents a possible transmission risk to others! He’s vaccinated and so is everyone around him!

At Friday’s press conference an AP reporter even had the nerve to ask why Biden was going to Delaware at all!

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The response was curt and to the point: “Because he lives there.”

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But unlike Trump, who spent millions of taxpayer dollars constructing a helipad at his golf resort and flying his family to Florida so he could dick around on a golf course every weekend, don’t expect Biden’s trip to become a regular occurrence. Biden’s official reason to travel is to figure out what he wants to move to the White House from his home in Delaware and an appointment with his podiatrist regarding the foot the President sprained a few weeks ago. Seems rather reasonable!

It just goes to show that no matter what Biden does or doesn’t do, FOX News and the right-wing will always find a way to criticize and demean our President, no matter how pedestrian or inoffensive the issue might be. While President Biden’s desire for unity and bipartisanship are noble indeed, it is a two-way street — and it does not look promising from the Republican side of things!

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