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Ron Johnson spreads lies to defend Trump, tries to blame Capitol attack on Pelosi

Ron Johnson spreads lies to defend Trump, tries to blame Capitol attack on Pelosi

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As the nation prepares for the spectacle of Donald J. Trump’s unprecedented second impeachment trial, Republican senators are going all out to create a reality distortion field to protect the man who is ostensibly still the most popular politician in their now degraded party.

GOP members of the Senate flooded the airwaves of Sunday morning news programs to mount whatever defense they could of the man accused of instigating with his inflammatory rhetoric a violent attack on the Capitol Building that left 5 people dead and many Capitol Police officers injured.

Chief among his apologists today was Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson who improbably pinned the blame on the deadly insurrection on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during an appearance on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures this morning with host Maria Bartiromo.

Senator Johnson’s ploy of raising questions about absurd accusations that no one has raised as a credible possibility is lifted straight from the playbook of Donald Trump in the worst emulation of his “some people are saying”mode.

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In case his diversionary tactic of raising suspicions that the Democratic House Speaker was somehow involved in a plot to send masses of people looking to bring her to the makeshift gallows they erected on the Capitol grounds didn’t pass the smell test — spoiler alert: the stench is overwhelming — Senator Johnson decided to resurrect a canard from earlier in the ruinous Trump administration, the impending arrival of caravans of immigrants on our nation’s borders.

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Reaction on social media to Senator Johnson’s baseless accusations was swift and fierce.

The political desperation of Republican senators may be fun to witness but the damage such gaslighting does to our democracy is incalculable.

The only just outcome of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is a conviction on the charges against him.

Any Republican lies to defend the deposed leader of their party should be just chalked up as further evidence as to why that party has lost its majorities and any legitimacy to govern whatsoever.

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