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Marjorie Taylor Greene pledges undying loyalty to Donald Trump in bizarre tweet

Marjorie Taylor Greene pledges undying loyalty to Donald Trump in bizarre tweet

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One of the unfortunate side effects of stripping the QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments is that she now has all the time in the world to emulate her hero Donald Trump’s past behavior before he was permanently banned from Twitter and is free to spend all day posting putrid political propaganda.

Representative Green — politically neutered as she may be in terms of shaping legislation that would never have an iceberg’s chance of hell of passing in a Democratic-controlled House — spent her free time today composing a message of defiance and undying fealty to the disgraced ex-reality show host.

Congresswoman Greene’s statement may play well with the base she shares with the orange-hued seditionist, but it seems like her strategy to go all-in with Donald Trump may seal the fate of the Republican Party as a dying and traitorous organization rather than determining the future electoral prospects of any remaining members of the GOP who dare to cherish the moral values of truth and of democracy itself and distance themselves from the greatest political disaster their party ever made.

As might be expected, progressives voice on Twitter did not respond well to the Georgia lawmaker’s devotional pledge to the only person ever to be impeached twice while president.

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If this is the most damage that Rep. Greene can muster with most of her congressional responsibilities restricted, then perhaps the entertainment value of her certifiable lunacy will be worth enduring.

Unfortunately, Greene’s new-found celebrity means that people who may be questioning their commitment to a cult whose predictions and beliefs have unwaveringly proven false may decide to redouble their allegiance to the fantasies, or rather the nightmares, promoted by Q.

Trump isn’t president anymore, and no amount of tweeting from Marjorie Taylor Greene will put him back in office.

If only she would realize that.

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