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RNC Chairwoman skewered for trying to use Lincoln to protect Trump from impeachment

RNC Chairwoman skewered for trying to use Lincoln to protect Trump from impeachment

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The Republican Party is an organization without anything even vaguely resembling a moral core. The elevation of Donald Trump and the subsequent defense of his most heinous acts revealed the GOP to be nothing more than a toxic grievance cult, a party with no interest in competent governance. It seems the only thing that Republican politicians are committed to at this point is inflaming culture war conflicts so as to distract from their kleptocratic efforts to further enrich the hyper-wealthy.

Since they have nothing to offer the American people beyond faux moral outrage, they’re forced to consistently rely on bad-faith attacks for their political messaging. Ronna McDaniel, the utterly odious Chair of the Republican National Committee, penned a tweet today instructing Democrats to “heed Lincoln’s words” and “abandon their political game of impeachment” so that Congress can get back to work and start “bringing our badly divided country” back together.

The idea that holding Donald Trump accountable for helping to incite an insurrection that resulted in death and destruction is a “political game” is a talking point that Republicans are increasingly clinging to but one which falls apart beneath even the most cursory scrutiny. If there aren’t consequences for discarding our nation’s tradition of a peaceful transfer of power, if Trump can try to overthrow democracy and skate off without so much as a wrist slap then the rule of law may as well not exist.

Add your name to demand the Senate CONVICT DONALD TRUMP for inciting an insurrection agains the United States!

It’s also incredibly rich for McDaniel to suddenly pretend that she cares about healing the political divide in this country after she spent four years enabling the most divisive president in American history. These people don’t want to bring us together, their entire political survival relies on them pushing us further apart.

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Not surprisingly, McDaniel’s tweet was met with a whirlwind of criticisms.

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