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Marjorie Taylor-Greene tries to absolve Republicans for Capitol Hill siege but only proves their guilt

Marjorie Taylor-Greene tries to absolve Republicans for Capitol Hill siege but only proves their guilt

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The events of January 6th loom large in everyone’s mind as disgraced ex-President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial approaches, especially in those with the most culpability in the shocking events — and the furious efforts to rewrite the narrative do nothing but highlight their guilt.

QAnon conspiracy enthusiast Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene took to Twitter on Tuesday morning in a breathtakingly cynical attempt to absolve herself and her fellow Republicans of responsibility while simultaneously having the audacity to complain that the mob attack “RUINED” their poorly conceived attempt to use the powers of Congress to overturn the 2020 election without any evidence.

Of course, Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s absurd rewrite of reality immediately runs into problems, like the videos that Taylor-Greene recorded of herself the night before the attack where she urged Trump supporters to “get ready to fight for America tomorrow,” falsely claiming that the election was stolen and that Trump was re-elected.

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While Taylor-Greene thinks she is being clever by disassociating the mob attack with the circus that her colleagues put on in Congress, she actually is hindering their case more than helping by bringing the spotlight back on to our elected representatives and reminding us that the insurrection against our democracy started from within the Capitol Building.

Though they are two extremes on opposite ends of the political action spectrum, Taylor-Greene and the rest of the Republican caucus’ objection the electoral college votes is in essence the exact same thing as the mob storming the Capitol building and disrupting the certification of the electoral college votes.

Many of the people who stormed the Capitol truly believed that the election had been stolen and that they were doing the right thing by disrupting the certification; it is likely that their belief would not have been so strong if elected Republicans had not constructed a false foundation of procedural legitimacy for the baseless allegations and had not been using mainstream media outlets to relentlessly push their false narrative.

Both the Capitol Hill siege and the electoral objections are inherently fascistic and wildly undemocratic attempts to overturn a legitimate election and install a would-be authoritarian strongman and both must be punished with equal severity.

Convicting Donald Trump and sending a message to the world that the United States will not tolerate this kind of behavior is of the utmost importance, but so too is the need to punish and disenfranchise the Republican legislators who have made it clear they have no love for democracy and will actively work to undermine it at every opportunity.

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