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Mockery erupts after Trump’s defense lawyer gives bumbling, incoherent rebuttal

Mockery erupts after Trump’s defense lawyer gives bumbling, incoherent rebuttal

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After the Democratic impeachment managers began the second trial of the deposed former president Donald Trump by presenting a cogent and compelling argument for conviction, including an opening video montage that moved some viewers to tears, it was time for the accused’s attorneys to present their opening defense of the man charged with the seditious incitement of the Capitol insurrection.

The man tasked with that uphill battle was attorney Bruce Castor, one of the recently acquired legal team that Trump assembled after his initial group of lawyers all withdrew from representing him over his reported desire to continue to use his claims of massive election fraud as the primary arsenal in his defense.

Castor’s rambling and discursive opening statement met with confusion and disbelief among the political observers on Twitter who were shocked at how little his remarks related to the serious charges his client was facing.

Vox‘s Aaron Rupar, well known for posting video excerpts of current news events accompanied by his biting commentary, had a field day with portions of Castor’s opening remarks that will give you a taste of the style and dubious content in the attorney’s statement.

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Obviously, it wasn’t only Mr. Rupar who found Trump’s attorney’s presentation to be less than impressive.

Many of the top blue-checked names on Twitter, as well as ordinary subscribers to the social media platform, were equally savage in their assessment of the legal representation that the allegedly seditious former president was receiving.

No one ever imagined that any defense of Donald Trump’s actions leading up to and including the day of January 6th would be easy, but, judging from the opening night reviews, this production is never going to fly in its out of town opening, much less ever make it to Broadway or succeed on the Senate floor.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his audience consists of a large proportion of what is essentially the equivalent of the family and friends of the accused — those Republican senators who have already made known their opinion that Trump should not be held accountable for his actions while acting as president — Castor’s performance would likely engender a call for an immediate recasting.

As it is, Castor’s appearance in the impeachment trial today could best be compared to an amateur production staged at a local high school, but with few other options for representation and such a flood of evidence pointing towards Trump’s guilt, perhaps this is the best that the literally rabble-rousing ex-president can do for now.


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