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Peter Doocy wastes Jen Psaki’s time with embarrassing attempt at Dallas Mavericks gotcha question

Peter Doocy wastes Jen Psaki’s time with embarrassing attempt at Dallas Mavericks gotcha question

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Now that order and dignity have been restored to the White House press room, the Press Secretary’s daily briefings have become informative and serious affairs where the most critical issues of the day are discussed — except when Peter Doocy opens his mouth.

The FOX reporter has taken it upon himself to disrupt the proceedings and bother Jen Psaki with the most asinine right-wing grievance issues of the day for the sole purpose of manufacturing sound bites to feed the right-wing propaganda machine.

Today in “oh my God, who cares” Republican bugaboos was the decision of the Dallas Mavericks to stop playing the national anthem before all their home basketball games.

“What does President Biden think about the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban deciding to indefinitely stop playing the national anthem before his National Basketball Association games?” asked Doocy, lazily fishing for some kind of gotcha! answer that would prove to his audience that infamous communist Joe Biden hates America and the flag.

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Psaki, of course, didn’t fall for the bait.

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“I haven’t spoken with the President by the decision of Mark Cuban…but I know he’s incredibly proud to be an American and has great respect for our anthem and all it represents…He’d also say that that part of pride in our country means recognizing that we haven’t lived up to our highest ideals, which is often what people are speaking to when they take action at sporting events, and it respects the right of people to peacefully protest, that’s why he ran for president in the first place!” said Psaki in response, deftly sidestepping the FOX gremlin’s bait.

It is astounding to see that Republicans are more concerned about Cuban’s decision — which he has already been forced to reverse by shadowy NBA figures — than they are about the shocking evidence being laid out in Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial this afternoon.

Indeed, they have seized on the issue as a way to gin up a contrived culture war scandal to shake at their base like a set of keys at a racist baby. Instead of showing the harrowing footage of Senators narrowly escaping the mob, FOX News cut its coverage and instead went to a panel discussion on the Mavs:

While Doocy should be grateful that Psaki deigns gives him the time of day and give him scraps to take back to feed the hooting and baying jackals his network caters to, it is offensive and infuriating to see a member of the White House press corps use his opportunity to speak with the White House in the middle of a series of national crises to complain about a completely pointless non-controversy.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article spelled Peter Doocy’s name wrong. I kept on calling him “Douchey” in my head and it must have stuck.

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