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David Frum roasts Alan Dershowitz for claiming Trump didn’t “incite” he “invited ” the mob

David Frum roasts Alan Dershowitz for claiming Trump didn’t “incite” he “invited ” the mob

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In a relatively short matter of time Alan Dershowitz, once one of the country’s most respected legal minds, has destroyed his own reputation in the eyes of most reasonable Americans.

Between his relationship with the late archpedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, the related accusations of sexual improprieties against him, and his disgusting defense of Donald Trump during both of his impeachments, Dershowitz has made it clear that he cares far more about his career and personal relationship than truth or the rule of law.

During an appearance on the incredibly right-wing Newsmax, Dershowitz made the utterly asinine argument that Trump didn’t “incite” his MAGA mob to insurrection as the impeachment proceedings say, but rather “invited” them to walk to the Capitol while it just so happened that the election results were being certified by the Senate. It’s the kind of argument you make when you think your audience is stocked with either idiots or blind partisan goons. In this case, Dershowitz is banking on both.

The problem with Dershowitz’s reasoning If a man “invites” someone to brutally assault and kill someone it’s still incitement. Using a rosier term for a vile, illegal act makes it neither less vile nor more legal. Dershowitz is splitting rhetorical hairs in such a way that he’s inadvertently making it clear just how little he cares about the deadly attack on our democracy itself. If he’s focusing on phrasing it’s because he knows the material facts of the case deeply disfavor his client.

Add your name to demand the Senate CONVICT DONALD TRUMP for inciting an insurrection agains the United States!

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David Frum, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and a dedicated political enemy of Trump, retweeted Dershowitz’s Newsmax segment and composed a fake invitation to the insurrection to demonstrate how fundamentally absurd the “incite” vs “invite” talking point is. Clearly, if the president “invited” his supporters to march on the Capitol after insisting for weeks that the election was stolen and that the sanctity of democracy itself was at stake he was ordering them to violently overturn the election results.

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