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Don Jr. throws whiny fit after actress is fired for bigoted comments

Don Jr. throws whiny fit after actress is fired for bigoted comments

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Like a shark that dies if it stops swimming, the right-wing media machine is constantly on the move looking for some new wedge issue to feign outrage over. The topics they pretend to care about are so superficial and so fundamentally stupid that they have to be constantly replaced or so that conservative viewers don’t have time to stop and realize that the Republican Party is offering no material improvements to their lives.

The latest supposed tragedy du jour is the firing of actress Gina Carano by Lucasfilm after she hopped on social media and implied that being a conservative today is akin to being a Jew during the Holocaust. Carano, who starred in the hit show The Mandalorian on Disney+, has also been dropped by her agency UTA.

“Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable,” explained a Lucasfilm spokesperson in an official statement.


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Apparently, her abhorrent Holocaust post was just the straw that broke the bantha’s back because she also has a history of making offensive comments about trans people, mocking mask-wearing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and spreading Trumpian lies about voter fraud in the 2020 election. It’s understandable that The Mandalorian, a show with wide audience appeal but which is ultimately a series for children, would want to avoid being associated with such fringe beliefs.

Conservatives would have you believe that Carano is being silenced for her conservativism but if she had simply kept her hypercharged politics to herself rather than espousing them every time she got a chance, there wouldn’t have been an issue. She has every right to speak freely but Disney also has every right to sever its business ties with her. Sorry Republicans, that’s just the free market you claim to love so much in action.

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The story is quickly spreading through the conservative media and commentator bubble with the usual suspects already weighing in, relieved to have something new to whine about. Donald Trump Jr., never one to miss a chance to join a bad faith outrage mob, has already penned his double-digit IQ take and blasted it out to the world on Twitter.

The son of the disgraced former president dug up a Tweet from 2018 from Pedro Pascal, the lead of The Mandalorian,  in which the actor compared the Trump administration’s caging of migrant children to the internment of Jews by Nazi Germany. While it was far from a perfect comparison—and the image he used appears to have actually been of Palestinian children overseas—there was far more truth about the underlying cruelty involved than there was in Carano’s asinine post.

Trump Jr. said that Pascal was in the “Same Movie” as Carano (The Mandalorian is a television series, not a movie) and used the “same analogy.” He then tried to claim the photo of the caged children was from the Obama years, one of the preferred talking points used by Trump apologists to paper over the singular evil of Donald Trump’s deterrent family separation policy.

In any case, there is no real comparison in either intent or meaning to be made between Pascal’s and Carano’s posts. Pascal may have made a mistake in selecting his photo, but that didn’t make his concerns about Trump’s horrific treatment of undocumented immigrants any less legitimate. It also doesn’t make Carano’s brick-brained claim that people holding conservatives accountable for bigoted views is like the Holocaust any less ludicrous.

Trump Jr. ended his little tweet by asking in a typo-riddled sentence if Disney discriminates against women for doing the same thing as their male actors or if they only discriminate against conservatives. The answer is neither. Disney discriminates against hate, which is something to be commended rather than condemned.

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