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Lincoln Project viciously retaliates against reporter as full-scale sex scandal meltdown unfolds

Lincoln Project viciously retaliates against reporter as full-scale sex scandal meltdown unfolds

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Fresh off an election victory that they undeservedly claimed credit for, the new year has only brought controversy and scandal for the thieving Republican operatives at the Lincoln Project.

After funneling $50 million of the $90 million they raised into their private companies to run anti-Trump attack ads aimed at rehabilitating Republicans in the eyes of liberals, the political action committee of ex-Bush era goons has been wracked scandal after at least 20 men — one of whom was underage at the time — came forward to accuse founder John Weaver of sexual harassment and offering jobs in exchange for sexual favors.

New evidence has emerged that showed the other group leaders were aware of the allegations as far back as last summer but failed to act. Now the group is spiraling into a chaotic mess of their own creation, with the group’s official Twitter account lashing out at a reporter and posting their private Direct Messages in what can only be seen as an act of retaliation.

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The tweets were quickly deleted after prominent member George Conway — husband to former Trump lie czar Kellyanne Conway — pointed out that it could possibly be illegal to do so.

While this will likely be an unpopular topic among the Lincoln Project’s misled liberal fans, attempting to bully a journalist in the wake of a sexual misconduct scandal is truly la reveal magnifico for the Lincoln Project and its scumbag GOP leaders.

Now that blood-and-soil fascism and QAnon conspiracy theorists have entirely taken over the GOP, George Conway and his gutless pals are politically obsolete and have no home in the GOP. Correctly labeled as “losers” by Donald Trump for working on the failed McCain and Romney presidential campaigns, these men have decided they will be the vanguard of the “ex” Republican invasion of the Democratic Party and thought they could buy our approval with snarky high-quality ads and outrageous Russophobic Cold War jingoism designed to stimulate the fear receptors of Russiagate-paranoid liberals.

These Dick Cheney office alumni exploited the public’s revulsion at President Donald Trump and made a personal profit off of civic-minded citizens who expended some of their meager resources in hopes of fighting for a better future for this nation — a nation which is in this position now because of the men who run the Lincoln Project and the Republican Party they’ve spent their entire careers working for. 

Rick Wilson helped get Trump ally Rudy Giuliani elected Mayor of New York with a wildly racist, fearmongering campaign — just like the one Trump ran. Do you think he really has changed his beliefs? The whole slew of them worked for George W. Bush, who left this country in the throes of the worst recession in a century while New Orleans lay in ruins, the deficit reaching the stratosphere and hundreds of thousands of innocents dead in Iraq.

Now they have revealed themselves for who they really were the whole time — grifting liars who enable sexual predation and bully journalists when their dirty laundry comes to light.

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