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Ted Cruz and Don Jr. struggle to defend the senator after embarrassing Twitter self-own

Ted Cruz and Don Jr. struggle to defend the senator after embarrassing Twitter self-own

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The Republican Party has a problem. They can’t offer voters any programs that will materially improve their lives because the party is entirely controlled by monied individuals with a vested interest in dismantling the state entirely. Every tax dollar that Republicans cut for the super-wealthy is a dollar that can’t be spent on social programs. Knowing this but unable to admit it, GOP politicians focus almost entirely on culture war issues. It’s why every time you flip past Fox News you hear the talking hands screeching about “cancel culture” as if it’s the most pressing issue facing this country.

It’s also why Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a man with nothing to offer the American people beyond reactionary outrage, retweeted an article from The Babylon Bee today with the comment “I wish this was parody.” The article was a parody so either Cruz didn’t realize it or thinks his supporters are stupid enough to believe the article is real. Neither is a particularly flattering explanation. The Babylon Bee is an aggressively unfunny satirical news website modeled after The Onion and the article Cruz shared was mocking the idea of companies looking to hire diverse employees. Apparently, conservatives think the idea of diversity itself is funny.

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Vox’s Aaron Rupar shared Cruz’s tweet to point out how embarrassing it is to retweet a parody while saying that you wish it was parody. The senator himself responded and accused Rupar of being either “dim witted” or “deliberately deceptive,” two descriptions which far better suit Cruz than Rupar. It’s worth remembering that Cruz is a United States senator serving in the midst of a deadly pandemic and yet still somehow thinks that policing responses to his retweets is a worthwhile use of his time. The man is himself a parody.

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Donald Trump Jr. saw Cruz’s asinine tweet and decided to jump in, saying that Rupar is a combination of dim witted and deceptive. Even more so than Cruz, those phrases describe the former president’s son, a man who is utterly devoid of talent or intellect and despite or perhaps because of that finds himself rocketing up the ladder of the GOP. These two may be defending each other on Twitter right now but there is a very solid chance that they’ll be going for each other’s throat in a future Republican Party presidential primary.

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