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Fox News hosts launch unhinged effort to blame Democrats for Texas power grid collapse

Fox News hosts launch unhinged effort to blame Democrats for Texas power grid collapse

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Whenever there’s a bad take to be had, you can bet that the folks over at Fox News won’t fail to take it and bang you over the head with it — until at least the less discerning members of its audience take it as gospel truth.

The electricity crisis currently facing many parts of Texas after a once-in-a-generation winter storm knocked out power supplies to millions of homes is generating lots of misplaced blame on Fox News as people shiver in sub-freezing weather without access to heat.

The power outages caused by storm damage were compounded by planned rolling blackouts designed to prevent a further collapse of Texas’s unique electric grid, which — unlike the grid in the rest of the United States — operates only within the state’s boundaries and is therefore immune to federal regulation, but leaves it unable to import power from other states when disaster strikes.

The reflexive take at Fox News is to immediately cast blame on green energy initiatives, particularly after reports of wind turbines freezing up and becoming inoperable during the storm, depriving the grid of one of its sources of power.

Clean energy advocates immediately took to social media to slam the right-wing broadcaster for its misleading and inaccurate interpretation of the causes of Texas’s power problems that inappropriately vilified green solutions to help prop up the reputation of polluting oil and gas industries.

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Matthew Gertz of progressive media watchdog organization Media Matters for America pointed out that less partisan news outlets like Bloomberg News were confirming that frozen wind turbines were the smallest factor in contributing to the storm-related power outages.

Fox News‘s dogged-determination to hew to right-wing media tropes disparaging clean energy sources as inferior to patriotically polluting oil and gas-derived energy is hard to understand outside of the knowledge that billionaire energy industry titans form the backbone of the conservative puppeteers who control and fund the agenda of the right-wing and its devoted media outlets.

The viewers of Fox News are subjected to unrelenting false propaganda denigrating clean energy largely because it serves the interests of these corporate energy interests for whose contributions to the planet’s climate crisis always are subsumed by their profit motive.

Anyone reading this article likely already discounts everything they hear from Fox News, but, with Texans freezing and shivering without power in darkened homes, it’s time for Fox News to stop insulting American’s intelligence and drop the inaccurate and misleading anti-green energy propaganda and place the blame on the Republicans politicians who run the state of Texas and its energy grid.

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