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Tucker Carlson claims Biden’s marriage is a fraud in deeply unhinged FOX rant

Tucker Carlson claims Biden’s marriage is a fraud in deeply unhinged FOX rant

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While doing so may result in aneurysm and loss of sanity points, tuning into FOX News is a helpful barometer for examining what kind of arguments the opposition is delivering to the Republican base and gauging how effective they might be — and if Tucker Carlson’s show last night is any indication, they ain’t got nothing on us. 

The heir to the Hungry Man dynasty and unrepentant white supremacist dedicated his show last night to arguing that President Biden doesn’t actually love his wife and that their forty-four years of marriage is some kind of political conspiracy to make him more appealing to the public — an insinuation as absurd as it is offensive. “Their love is as real as climate change,” said the sentient hairpiece as he complained about a few Valentine’s Day media fluff pieces that highlighted the Bidens’ special relationship. Ironically, his climate change metaphor means that the Bidens’ love is not only very real but is also accelerating with each passing day.

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Republicans have long groused that Trump never got nice feel-good stories like the one about the Bidens’ love, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying! The relationship between Melania and Donald Trump was obviously icy from Inauguration Day and only created negative headlines for themselves over and over again. Every time Trump went out to do a fluff event with say, the Boy Scouts of America, he would ruin it himself by telling thousands of children about a yacht orgy he attended once. His narcissism and his demented brain never let him be normal enough to get the kind of press coverage he wanted.

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Tucker spent his entire show ranting about how the Green New Deal, which has not passed Congress yet, is somehow to blame for the power crisis in Republican-controlled Texas and finished by claiming the President doesn’t actually love his wife.

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If this is the best they can do, we really don’t have that much to worry about…but it is still appalling to see a major news network host spread such baseless and malicious lies about the President’s marriage, especially after spending four years defending a serial rapist and philanderer on his third trophy wife.



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