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Social media boils Ted Cruz in fury after his sneaky Cancun getaway gets exposed

Social media boils Ted Cruz in fury after his sneaky Cancun getaway gets exposed

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As a climate-change-exacerbated extreme weather event dumps more snow on the lower 48 states than has been seen in nearly 20 years, the state of Texas is reeling as its privatized, deregulated, and long-neglected for-profit power grid collapses under the strain. Millions of people have been left without power and running water for days while at least two dozen people have died. Grocery stores are empty as food shortages mount. It’s a humanitarian disaster on every level and one would expect fast, decisive action by the elected officials of Texas.

Unfortunately, the spineless cowards and conspiracy-brained libertarian freaks which the heavily gerrymandered Lone Star State chooses to represent and lead them are proving to be less than sympathetic, let alone competent.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, put the blame for the crisis on the Green New Deal and renewable energy despite the fact that the Green New Deal has not been passed and almost all of Texas’ energy comes from fossil fuel plants. Former Governor Rick Perry volunteered the people of Texas to suffer and freeze to death just so the state didn’t have to accept any help from the federal government.

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But the worst response came from Senator Ted Cruz, who decided the best course of action was to flee to a sunny beach resort in Cancun, Mexico with his family while his voters endured an icy hell.

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While Ted Cruz is well-known for being a monstrously selfish and unfeeling sociopath who will say and do anything he can to further his ambitions, this “let them eat cake” moment is so astonishingly on-the-nose cruel and dismissive it really makes the head spin.

Sadly, it is what we can come to expect from the architects and enablers of the looming ecological apocalypse; the wealthy will board their jets and escape to unaffected areas while ordinary folks are left to drown, burn, starve, freeze, or whatever form of torment a raging Gaia has unleashed on her abusive caretakers.

Social media exploded with fury and mockery at the widely despised Texas Senator:

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