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Ted Cruz appears to be fleeing back to Texas in disgrace

Ted Cruz appears to be fleeing back to Texas in disgrace

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It didn’t seem possible that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) could find a way to make himself even more unlikeable than he already was but then he decided to fly to Cancun, Mexico for a little vacation trip yesterday while his state is being buffeted by brutal winter storms and mass power outages, resulting in a rising death toll and societal paralysis.

The absolutely shameless display is a far better embodiment of the “out of touch elitist meme” than any of the tepid examples of Democratic behavior that the senator regularly decries. Wealthy and powerful enough to travel wherever and whenever he wants, he simply decided that he’d rather catch some sun than work to resolve a historic crisis. If it wasn’t obvious before (it should have been), Ted Cruz doesn’t care about his constituents and entered public service solely to accumulate power and wealth for himself.

As the nickname “Fled Cruz” starts to pop up again and again on social media, the senator appears to have realized what a grave PR mistake he’s made. According to images of the flight manifest for a flight from Cancun to Houston shared on Twitter, there is a “Cru, R” flying. Ted Cruz’s real name is Rafael Cruz so it seems safe to presume that it’s him.

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If Cruz is indeed headed back to Texas with his tail between his legs it seems probable that there will be television crews waiting to catch him at the airport. Given his track record of acting cravenly when confronted directly about one of his misdeeds, he will likely just bow his head and quietly race away from the cameras. It’s also likely that he is flying back solely for optics and doesn’t intend to lift a finger to actually help the people of Texas. If he wanted to do that he would have never gone on vacation in the first place.

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By all indications, the man appears to be planning a 2024 presidential election and this exactly the kind of scandal that could strangle a campaign in the crib. Let’s hope that’s the case.

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