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“Cry us a Mai Tai.” Ted Cruz’s hometown newspaper savages him over Cancun trip

“Cry us a Mai Tai.” Ted Cruz’s hometown newspaper savages him over Cancun trip

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It turned out to be a terrible week for fans of the slimy sociopathic senator known as Ted Cruz. The once and perhaps future failed presidential candidate was caught trying to sneak away to Mexico with his family as Texas struggles through a series of deadly power outages brought on by devastating winter storms. After photos of him slinking onto a plane went viral the senator ended up flying back to Texas.

At first, he claimed that he was just accompanying his daughters and wife for their flight down and that he always intended to fly back the same day. Then, when it was proven that he was lying, he admitted that he was originally going to stay until Saturday but supposedly had second thoughts en route.

The transparently false cover story demonstrates once again how little Cruz thinks of the intelligence of his constituents. Unfortunately for him, few people seem to be buying what he’s selling and the scandal is already prompting calls for him to resign — the right thing to do and something a man as dishonorable and self-interested as Cruz would never even consider doing.

Now, The Houston Chronicle has published an article from its Editorial Board excoriating Cruz. Entitled “As Texans froze, Ted Cruz got a ticket to paradise. Paradise can have him,” the piece slams his Mexican jaunt amidst the snowy, icy crisis as “a new low — even by the senator’s own standards.”

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The Board concedes that just about everyone in Texas right now would be thrilled to get away to a tropical locale but that Ted Cruz has responsibilities to tend to as an elected official. The writers depict Cruz’s apathy towards his cold and dying constituents by saying he “got a ticket to ride and he don’t care.” They also shred the specious right-wing argument that claims there’s nothing Cruz can do to help and that as such it’s fine for him to jet set.

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“While it’s not Cruz’s job to shovel the coal, and the crisis is the handiwork of state officials, not federal, we expect leadership and perhaps a little solidarity from a man whose re-election campaign heavily rested on claims of his compassion and advocacy for suffering Texans after Hurricane Harvey,” writes the Editorial Board.

They also have little patience for Cruz’s claim that he just had to accompany his children on the flight”

“Cry us a Mai Tai. Good parents all over Houston are modeling resilience for their kids as they struggle to make do without enough food or water or the lesser comforts of civilization such as iPhones and Netflix.

What about modeling a little resilience not just for his kids but for the millions of other Texans struggling to survive? Plenty of elected leaders are doing their part.”

The Editorial Board reminds its reader that they called for Cruz to resign last month over his role in the Capitol insurrection and stands by that decision.

“Take our advice, senator, and resign. Seems like you could use a break and we could, too, from an ineffective politician who, even in crisis, puts his personal itinerary before the needs of Texans,” it concludes.

Read the full piece here.

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