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Rep. Steve Scalise’s continued refusal to admit that Biden won election legitimately faces harsh Twitter response

Rep. Steve Scalise’s continued refusal to admit that Biden won election legitimately faces harsh Twitter response

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It’s only been six weeks and change since the violent mob of Trump supporters — ginned up by the “big lie” of unproven massive election fraud — invaded the Capitol Building in an insurrection that left 5 people dead and a growing number of participants incarcerated.

For Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA), however, that still wasn’t enough time to begin to accept the reality that Joe Biden is now the nation’s legitimate president and that the multiple rejections of Donald Trump’s scurrilous claims of a stolen election by courts around the country have disproven any credible possibility that the former president wasn’t resoundingly rejected by American voters.

Rep. Scalise took to the Sunday morning talk show circuit today with an appearance on ABC‘s This Week and shamed himself by refusing to admit that the former president’s words and actions helped incite the violent invasion of his workplace and by failing to fully acknowledge the legitimacy of President Biden’s overwhelming victory in the election.

The response to Congressman Scalise’s mind-boggling denial of reality was swift and devastating on social media.

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With comments as critical of ABC‘s news department for not pushing back against Rep. Scalise’s lies forcefully enough as they are of the congressman for making them, the social media commentators are tired not only of the Trumpist electoral con game but of the GOP loyalists who continue to try to ride the ex-president’s political gravy train until the last campaign contribution dollar can be wrung from it.

No Republican politician should be interviewed by mainstream media outlets without significant real-time fact-checking to counter their evil lies.

One expects to hear undiluted right-wing propaganda from Fox News, OAN, and NewsMax, but to have to hear Scalise go virtually unchallenged while spreading dangerous falsehoods on a legitimate media channel makes one want to demand the return of the Fairness Doctrine as soon as possible.

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