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Don Jr. ironically accuses Democrats of being dictators for fighting misinformation

Don Jr. ironically accuses Democrats of being dictators for fighting misinformation

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The damage inflicted on this country by the Trump years will take decades to fully calculate but one of the most immediate and irritating effects of electing that cruel creature is that we now find ourselves saddled with his children as permanent fixtures in our political landscape. Donald Trump Jr. clearly has ambitions within the Republican Party, either as an eventual politician himself or a kingmaker of sorts, and his Twitter feed is a wasteland of idiotic conservative talking points and culture war rubbish.

Today he shared a story about the Democratic efforts to curb the spread of dangerous misinformation across the internet (something he himself does regularly) and accused the Dems of being dictatorial. The idea that ensuring Americans have access to accurate information and the tools to parse out lies and deranged conspiracy theories is “dictatorial” is self-evidently ridiculous but it’s exactly the kind of moronic commentary offered up by Don Jr. on a daily basis. The truth is that he has a vested interest in allowing the unfettered spread of lies because his father’s entire political persona, and by extension his own, is grounded in a complete rejection of reality.

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“Trump was apparently really bad at being a dictator…” wrote Don Jr., bizarrely referring to his father by the surname they share. He accused Democrats of “running with the dictator playbook BIGLY” and urged his followers to be afraid of some imagined assault on their Constitutional rights.

Granted, Trump was bad at being a dictator because he botched his first term so horribly that he was voted out and denied the additional four years most presidents get. But it’s not that he didn’t want to be a dictator, it’s that he was too incompetent to pull it off. The deadly insurrection he incited was no less an insurrection for having failed and that more than anything else will be his legacy. If Donald Trump Jr. continues to shill for his criminal dad he’ll ensure that his own legacy is that of an accomplice.

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